Zonez Disrupting Contract Interiors at NeoCon 2019

CHICAGO, May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A landmark 2018 Harvard Business School study found open office spaces lead to reduced productivity, lower work quality, and dissatisfied employees. 70% of all offices in the U.S. have open floor plans, and that number continues to grow. Employers and their teams need spaces for concentration, conversation and collaboration.

Zonez offers a solution as versatile and nimble as today's workplace.

Zonez will debut its privacy enclosures product line at the 2019 NeoCon show in Chicago on June 10-12. Two of its best-selling booths will be featured: a FreeZonez 4x8 two-person privacy booth and an EndZonez 8x12 modular conference room.

All Zonez products are "Built for Change." The enclosures are designed as privacy solutions for the open office workspace, but Zonez' customizable modular design defines it as a market disruptor. Zonez enclosures are delivered neatly on a flat-packed pallet, using repurposed materials and the seamless installation process means minimal distraction. An extensive color selection and interchangeable components provide a contemporary aesthetic to match any office setting, and the line features an array of innovative accessories that create a productive and enjoyable workspace. Recycled materials, repurposed packaging, water-based adhesives, and a focus on green logistics minimize environmental impact.

"We have spent the last 18 months traveling the country and talking to dealers, corporate clients, and employees. We have gained a tremendous amount of insight on what these stakeholders want from our product," says Doug Gregory, vice president of sales and marketing for Zonez. "Every employer agreed that they need their spaces to change as quickly as their teams. Zonez is Built for Change."

Allied Modular, the parent company of Zonez, has been a disrupting force in the standard construction, machine enclosure, and cleanroom industries for over 30 years. Their clients include hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, the United States government, and universities.

Allied Modular operates three manufacturing facilities in California, Tennessee, and Texas. The company prides itself on being one of the largest and most well-respected American modular manufacturers in the country.

See us on June 10th-12th on the 7th Floor at booth number 7-1130