Boschung Global Presents the Finest Sea Fury in the World

SARNEN, Switzerland, June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Boschung Global Ltd. is proud to present a wonderful example of the "hot rod" of British fighters - the powerful Hawker Sea Fury.

This aircraft bridged the gap between the peak of piston engine development and the early jet fighters. Born out of World War Two, the Sea Fury was the last of the piston-engine single-seat fighter aircraft to serve in front-line Naval Air Squadrons and although it had been developed as an air superiority fighter, its solid construction made it well-suited for ground attack duties. This would be tested during operations in the Korean War when the Sea Fury was the Royal Navy's leading single-seat fighter. The type served throughout the conflict with distinction with both the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Australian Navy, mostly in the ground attack role armed with bombs and rockets. In a famous action, the Sea Fury also proved it could tangle with enemy jets, shooting down one MiG-15 and damaging two others.

The Sea Fury was eventually replaced by jet fighters but soldiered on with several other air forces through to the 1960s, notably those of Pakistan and Iraq. This particular machine was one of the latter. In excess of over 50 Hawker Furys were delivered to Iraq and, upon retirement, were stored in the dry desert environment. Following lengthy negotiations, this aircraft was among a large cache recovered to the USA from the mid-1970s. These so-called "Baghdad Furys" would eventually provide a much-needed injection of high-performance machines into the fledgling warbird market, their popularity growing when it was realized that the maintenance-heavy and increasingly difficult-to-operate Centaurus engine could be replaced with the reliable and plentiful American-built Wright R-3350 engines. It was also discovered that with its excellent aerodynamics and the ability to lend itself to extensive modifications, the aircraft was an ideal machine to compete with on the prestigious air racing circuit.

In what is an exciting development, Boschung Global Ltd is offering a rare opportunity for someone, whether they be a pilot, investor or enthusiast, to become the proud owner of an outstanding example of British aviation history. Very few of these aircraft make their way to the market and even fewer are offered in "showroom" condition. Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 (SN 37733, REG. F-AZXJ) has been the jewel in the collection of its current owner for a number of years and one only has to look at this magnificent machine to know that it has been lavished with much care and attention during this time. Consequently, it is not an overstatement to say that this aircraft can indeed lay claim to be "the world's finest Sea Fury."

This fighter not only has a presence which oozes speed and power, it ticks all the boxes historically. The aircraft served with the military of two countries, as both a fighter and, after conversion, as a trainer. In 2007, the Sea Fury underwent a rebirth at the hands of the Sea Fury Kings - Sanders Aeronautics, where it was rebuilt from the ground up and returned to its single-seat configuration. It left the workshop fitted out with state-of-the-art avionics and a Wright R-3350-26WD engine.

Exported to France in 2010, the aircraft has been expertly maintained ever since. During a propeller overhaul at Sanders in 2016, it was decided to replace the Wright engine with the lighter Pratt & Whitney R-2800 CB3. This engine is comparable in performance but has the massive advantage of having an outstanding record of dependability.

The Sea Fury has been carefully managed during its time in France, making only the occasional public appearance. When it did venture out, the aircraft was hard to miss, given it is beautifully finished in a stunning Navy-blue Australian colour scheme. This, along with the addition of spectacular Sanders Smoke Generators under the wing tips, meant the Sea Fury was able to thrill spectators by making a statement in the sky.

There is now the chance for the buyer to make a statement of their own. A brief window of opportunity has opened for someone to become the owner of this British classic. This opportunity has been made possible following the current owner's decision to place the aircraft up for sale. Although the decision to part with Sea Fury was a very difficult one, choosing a company to broker the aircraft was a very easy one. The owner has elected to place the aircraft in the hands of a company he knows will treat the Sea Fury with the same reverence he has - Boschung Global Ltd. He recognises that this company has the knowledge, the skills and the worldwide network to be able to source an appropriate buyer and find his pride and joy a home worthy of its pedigree. He is confident that there is no better way to accomplish this than by employing a company which has built up a pedigree of its own.

Boschung Global Ltd is offering a rare and desirable aeroplane and, as always, will conduct the sale with its usual professionalism which will see all parties completely satisfied with the outcome. Don't miss the chance to own the finest example of one of the finest fighters ever built.

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The finest Sea Fury in the world
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British classic: Hawker Sea Fury FB MK.11

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Outstanding example of British aviation history

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