Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. Introduces The fi-7900 And fi-7800, Flagship High-Volume Scanners With Advanced Time-Saving And Productivity Features

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. (FCPA), the leader in document imaging, today announced the launch of two new production models, the fi-7900 and fi-7800 as the new flagship fi Series image scanners. The fi-7900 and fi-7800 join FCPA's other high-performance production models designed for high-volume scanning, speed, and accuracy, with careful consideration given to making workflow easy for users.

"I am proud to introduce these new flagship scanners to the US market," said Yasunari Shimizu, President and CEO of FCPA. "These scanners build on our heritage of being the No. 1 global image scanner manufacturer(1), offering the highest quality technology for reliable scanning, thoughtful features that put the operator first and superior images for trouble-free workflows."

fi-7900 and fi-7800 Production Scanners Key Features:

Advanced productivity for high-volume centralized scanning

    --  Ultra-fast scanning The fi-7900 scans at speeds of 140 ppm and 280 ipm
        with a daily cycle of 120,000 sheets per day, perfect for high-volume,
        all day scanning needs. The fi-7800 scans 110 ppm and 220 ipm. The ADF
        holds up to 500 sheets at a time, reducing the need for the scan
        operator's constant attention. These scanners can accommodate a variety
        of paper sizes and thickness in the same batch, reducing prep time.

    --  Prevent errors with reliable feeding functionsThe Automatic Separation
        Control function is an industry-first* technology for image scanners to
        adjust torque on brake rollers by observing the slip ratio of papers,
        that can differ slightly depending on frictional wear and the amount of
        dust stuck on the rollers. This reduces the need for manual torque
        adjustments and frees you from multi-feeds and paper pick-up issues. The
        Skew Reducer also helps improve feeding performance and prevents
        re-scanning that can result from document edges getting cut off.

    --  Reduce workload before and after scanningWith the independent side
        guides, you can easily align edges of variously sized documents when
        loading them on the scanner. To ensure that documents are neatly stacked
        after scanning, the improved Stacking Control function controls paper
        output speed, and the Elevator Stacker automatically adjusts stacker
        position according to the amount of ejected paper. These functions make
        it easy for operators to collect documents from the scanner.

    --  Scan any document with a single scannerThe scanner handles various types
        of business documents so that you can get all scanning work done with a
        single scanner. By simply changing the feed mode to Manual Feed, you can
        easily scan thick documents such as drawings folded in half,
        multi-layered receipts, and envelopes.

    --  Effective data utilization with PaperStream softwareThe latest
        PaperStream IP scanner driver provides easier batch scanning and
        enhanced OCR. These functionalities work seamlessly with PaperStream
        Capture to offer a wider variety of batch scanning features and to
        better assist feeding information into organizational workflows

    --  Convenient batch scanningPaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture offer
        new functions for easy batch sorting. After completing document format
        registration and setting configuration, Automatic Profile Selection
        recognizes document formats for each scanned document. Pre-set
        configurations are then used to specify image processing settings and
        saving destinations for each format With this new function, there is no
        need to adjust settings for every scan, even without the assistance of
        information like barcodes or separating documents.

    --  High OCR accuracy with enhanced binarization technologyPaperStream IP
        now offers image processing technologies that contribute to more
        accurate OCR. Advanced Cleanup Technology enables stronger character
        recognition functionalities, by providing new functions such as reversed
        type extraction, halftone removal and stamp removal. These new
        enhancements allow you to fully utilize data from scanned documents.

Stress-free usability with an environmentally-conscious and user-friendly design

    --  Environment-friendlyAs a green product certified with the latest ENERGY
        STAR Version 3, you can boost your productivity without any concern
        about impacting the environment.

    --  Thoughtful design that puts the operator firstBy using the operation
        panel and LCD, operators can scan directly from the scanner with the job
        registration function, and complete various operations such as adjusting
        scanning settings and checking existing error statuses. The scanner's
        low profile design enables comfortable scanning even while sitting down
        in your office. Its compact size requires minimum space so that you can
        enjoy using free space as needed for your own work.

    --  Clean the scanner easilyCleaning Mode now makes your maintenance
        routines much easier. The LED turns on automatically inside the scanner,
        making it easier to clean and replace consumables.

fi-7900 and fi-7800 Production Scanners List Price
The fi-7900 has an MSRP of $15,995 and includes a 1-Year Basic Warranty. The fi-7800 has an MSRP of $10,995 and also includes a 1-Year Basic Warranty. Please visit our website to find a distributor or reseller for purchasing.

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* Based on a study by PFU Limited as of May 2019.

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(1)The data is based on the market share of document scanners.
The market share data for Japan and North America is based on the records of 2017 collected by KEYPOINT INTELLIGENCE (Info Trends) for 6 segments of document scanners excluding Mobile/Micro scanners. Collected records are mainly about document scanners with a speed of more than 8ppm.
The market share data for Europe is based on the records of 2017 collected by InfoSource in Western Europe (including Turkey and Greece).

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