launches a new dating search engine

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today announces the launch of the new search engine for online dating sites & apps. provides an easy to use search engine and offers a new way for online dating users to find faster and more relevant dating sites or apps.

"We have cut the time users need to find a suitable dating site by 95%, while additionally increasing the quality of the results," says Andreas Lohr, CEO of Ltd.

Features and benefits of include:

    --  Largest inventory of dating sites and apps with over 50,000 dating sites
    --  Automatically adjusted results for the user's language, location, and
    --  Option to exclude animated dating sites according to their terms of

According to Statistica in 2019, almost every seventh person is using online-dating, while contains more than 50,000 dating sites worldwide. But many of these sites are hardly findable. The majority of online-dating users cannot find the optimal dating site for them, because users don't know the sites, they don't know.

Using major search engines to search for dating sites will return not just dating sites. They display review sites, blogs, coaches, etc., who show only a small part of sites. Even dating review sites cover only a tiny slice of the sites because adding a new dating site is a lot of manual work, which also makes it tough to update reviews about older websites.

While the vast majority of users knows only a small number of dating sites/apps, many users start by using the most popular sites/apps, which might not work well for a large number of people. For example, when the judgment about a person falls in a fraction of a second based on a photo. Whoever doesn't excel on that, cannot contact a single person, because a mutual like is required to get a match. The person attributes this usually to a lack of skills or effort, which they might want to fix with some online-dating advice (better photos or profile). Such a person will search for better dating advice; searching for a site/app where the user can contact everyone would be more promising.

With users are now able to find all relevant and promising sites/apps based on their needs, which the user can specify by setting the according filters. Even until now, unsolved problems like user animation can get wiped out with a single mouse click to exclude sites, that are stating in their Terms of Service, that they use fake messages to lure their users into payments. is already available and can get used free of charge. For more information about, visit

About is a technology company that employs Artificial Intelligence to generate data about the online-dating industry at scale.


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