WhiteSpace Alliance Chairman to Speak at Utilities Technology Council Conference

CHELMSFORD, Mass., June 17, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA) ®, a global industry organization enabling sharing of underutilized spectrum, announced that WSA Chairman, Dr. Apurva N. Mody, will speak this week at the 2019 Utilities Technology Council Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. He will participate in sessions addressing "Emerging Fixed Wireless Broadband Opportunities for Utilities".

The Utilities Technology Council is a global association representing electric, gas and water utilities, as well as natural gas pipelines, and other essential infrastructure companies. The organization provides information, products and services focused on the intersection of telecommunications and utility infrastructures; specifically, the embedded information and communication networks that enable utilities to monitor, protect and control their service delivery resources.

Dr. Mody will discuss how TV white space technology can be used to help utilities evolve to a "utilities 2.0" model: a more decentralized, efficient, and customer-centric mode of delivery. White space solutions are ideally suited for supporting utility communication requirements in rural and remote areas, enabling a broad range of applications such as voice over IP, supervisory control and data acquisition, and distribution automation and protective relaying for grid resiliency. The technology uses available TV band spectrum to deliver fixed wireless broadband services at distances up to 30 km, and can be used in environments where wired infrastructure is too costly to deploy, or vegetation makes traditional line-of-sight wireless solutions unreliable. Dr. Mody will describe the technology and its advantages, and address TV white space use cases in light of the Federal Communications Commission's recent clarification of rules governing those spectrum bands.

Dr. Mody is an internationally recognized expert on spectrum sharing, dynamic spectrum access and white space communications. In addition to his Chairmanship of the WhiteSpace Alliance, he is Chairman of the IEEE 802.22 Working Group on Wireless Regional Area Networks, and Vice Chair of the United States National Spectrum Consortium.

For more information on the Utilities Technology Council Conference, please visit https://utctelecom.org/.

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The mission of the Whitespace Alliance (http://www.whitespacealliance.org/) is to promote the development, deployment and use of standards-based products and services as a means of providing broadband capabilities via WhiteSpace spectrum. By promoting the use of standards, the Alliance will enable companies to provide broadband connectivity at reasonable cost. The WSA will also act as an enabler of the emerging white spaces ecosystem by helping to put in place interoperability, conformance, and compliance testing to make sure that our member stakeholders get the needed information & collaborations to succeed both in the market place and with regulatory requirements. Interoperability specifications will allow multiple vendors to enter the market and help to reduce the costs for the consumers. WhiteSpace Alliance promotes the use of IEEE, 3GPP and IETF Standards for use in the WhiteSpaces.

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