Signature Closers and Nexsys Technologies to Partner for eClosings

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Signature Closers LLC announced it is partnering with Nexsys Technologies LLC to create a comprehensive digital mortgage closing platform.

Nexsys' Clear Sign? digital signing product will integrate with Signature Closers' SYNC? platform to provide software solutions for all types of digital closings. In a digital closing - also known as an eClosing - some or all of the documents are signed and submitted digitally.

"We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Nexsys as we work to continue to evolve to serve our title company and lender clients across the country," said Mark Fleming Jr., President and Founder of Signature Closers. "By combining our process and the most robust ResWare(TM) integration in our space with the power of Clear Sign by Nexsys, we'll be able to offer a streamlined, integrated process for all signings, from traditional to remote online eClosings and everything in between."

The mortgage closing - the last step in the home purchase process - was also the last step to be digitized. Prior to the first eClosing in 2017, notaries and homebuyers still met in person to sign and submit all closing documents. Now, depending upon state legislation, notaries and homebuyers can participate in a Hybrid eClosing (which still incorporates some pen-on-paper signatures), an In-Person eClosing (where documents are e-signed) or a Remote eClosing (the homebuyer and notary are in two different locations, but they complete the closing online with an audio/visual connection).

"Clear Sign is a natural fit for Signature Closers, who needed a platform which works with all types of eClosings and seamlessly integrates with their software," said Nick Rogiero, Director of Operations for Nexsys Technologies. "Together, we'll expand the use of eClosing technology, making mortgage closings easier and more efficient for the homebuyers, notaries and lenders. It's an all-around win."

Since the first eClosing in 2017, state legislation has been adapting at a rapid pace to accommodate the popularity and efficiency of this industry-changing technology. Hybrid eClosings can be performed in all 50 states, and as of May 2019, approximately half of them allow for In-Person eClosings. Remote eClosings are currently legal in seven states; 26 others have pending legislation.

About Signature Closers

About Signature Closers, LLC

Signature Closers was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2006 and provides title companies and lenders in residential and commercial real estate markets with secure closing transaction support. To date, the Signature Closers Network of signing agents has completed hundreds of thousands of real estate closings across the country.

Through a national network of vetted signing agents and integrations with partners such as Adeptive's ResWare system, Signature Closers provides a signing management platform, delivery, and tracking of closing documents, post-closing management, tax reporting and vendor payment oversight, among other services. The company also offers an integrated platform called SYNC to companies that want an automated compliant system to self-manage their real estate closings with back-end support services for paying vendors, tax reporting and a full-service scheduling team to back them up. To learn more, visit

About Nexsys Technologies

Nexsys Technologies is a Detroit-based technology company founded to create and deliver innovative solutions for smarter lending processes. The company's solutions bring lenders and providers the network, tools and intelligence they need to make the best possible transactions in real time. To learn more, visit

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