iTrackBites Showcases Real Life Weight Loss in Daily Doc: "The Journey"

AUSTIN, Texas, June 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- iTrackbites' inspiring new mini-docuseries, "The Journey," spotlights the everyday struggles and successes of Alicia -- a single mother, stage-4 cancer survivor, and actual iTrackbites member -- as she works towards her weight loss goals over the course of one month.

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"The Journey" was filmed over 30 days to showcase an iTrackBites member's weight loss journey in real-time. Each day is encapsulated in a one- to two-minute daily episode. New and long-time fans of iTrackbites can watch as Alicia, a beautiful, energetic woman with courageous spirit, works towards realistic weight loss goals and overall improved health. Throughout "The Journey," Alicia is open, honest, and vulnerable, sharing her insecurities, deep motivations and celebrating every victory along the way.

Highlights of "The Journey": Each day is unique, showcasing a different moment important to the process: meal planning, dining out, recipes, workouts, weigh-ins, and tracking. There are a few setbacks and tears, as well as moments of pure happiness.

Shaun Steingold, iTrackBites' General Manager, says: "We're thrilled to showcase Alicia on "The Journey," and hope every viewer feels motivated and encouraged as they watch this moving real-life story of everyday weight loss. In bite-sized, entertaining and informative episodes, "The Journey" demonstrates how iTrackBites can help play an important part in everyone's journey to improved health."

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iTrackBites, with over a million users, leads the health, wellness, and weight loss industry as the #1 Health & Fitness app for tracking food score values. iTrackBites knows that not all weight loss journeys are the same, and that means everyone's weight loss plan shouldn't be either. iTrackBites offers five custom built food score value weight loss plans. Whether one is focused on a Keto diet, limiting sugar, cutting back carbs, counting calories, or portion control, iTrackBites has everyone covered.

iTrackBites, available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, is the only app of its kind with a built-in community of people working to live a healthier lifestyle by sharing recipes, success stories, and supporting each other day in and day out.

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