Olivier Blum, Chief Human Resources Officer at Schneider Electric, is voted Director of Human Resources 2019

    --  For the 24th Annual Director of Human Resources Award organized by
        Cadremploi, Morgan Phillips Hudson, Le Figaro Décideurs and Fyte,
        Olivier Blum, Chief Human Ressources at Schneider Electric, has been
        awarded the title of Director of Human Resources 2019.
    --  The HR Innovation 2019 award was won by ExterionMedia France, in
        partnership with Sciences Po, for its Digital Passport project.

MISSISSAUGA, ON, June 20, 2019 /CNW/ - The annual Director of Human Resources award promotes the profession and highlights the importance of the function and the strategic contribution made by HR directors to the company development.

Olivier Blum began his career at Schneider Electric in 1993 in sales and held various positions in the sales department in France for seven years, before becoming Director of Sales.

In 2001, he was appointed Secretary of the Executive Committee and Global Company Program Vice-President. In 2003, he moved to China to occupy the position of Low Voltage Activity Director, before being appointed the Head of Strategy and Marketing Director for overall China activity in 2006.

In 2008, he was appointed Managing Director & Country President of Schneider Electric India to accelerate growth in operations in a country undergoing a profound transformation.

In 2013, he was nominated Executive Vice President of the Retail Division.

Since September 2014, Olivier Blum has been Chief Human Resources Officer and a member of the Executive Committee. He is based in Hong Kong.

Olivier graduated from Grenoble École de Management (GEM, France).

Outside Schneider Electric, his two passions, besides his family, are mountain trail running and traveling.

Samuel Tamagnaud, Chairman of Morgan Philips Group, on the Jury's decision: "The final decision this year was particularly difficult given the exceptional quality of the candidates. In addition to his international career in a company that has undertaken a transformation in its core business as well as in its offering and geographical positions, Olivier Blum is the perfect example of what an HR director in a global environment should be. Pragmatic, attentive to others, working closely with his teams, managing business constraints, able to provide a strategic vision and to lead his Schneider Electric co-workers through the changes, Olivier Blum perfectly personifies his function and fully deserves the title of Director of Human Resources 2019."

Thibaut Gemignani, CEO of Cadremploi, adds "We are delighted to present the Director of Human Resources 2019 award to Olivier Blum. The jury, who I thank most sincerely, wish to recognize his unique career within Schneider Electric. Following his training in business, Olivier Blum held various positions within the company before becoming HR Director in 2014. Strategic and pragmatic, alongside his CEO he began a complete transformation plan. His vision of the HR function, perfectly aligned with the company's business, led him to inspire and bring to the fore new cultural foundations and a new form of leadership within Schneider Electric. His openness, characterized by his 17 years working outside France, is also an undeniable advantage in ensuring the success of this global scale transformation."

The HR Innovation award recognizes the best HR projects implemented by companies based in France each year

As an Outdoor advertising specialist for brand and consumer interaction, ExterionMedia France provides its customers with a wide range of innovative and personalized solutions that blend the power of Out-of-Home and Digital Out-of-Home with the ultimate affinity of Online. The company has been awarded the HR Innovation 2019 award for its Digital Passport, which was conceived as part of its Digital and Strategic Transformation project.

ExterionMedia France's Digital Passport is a major project within its Transformation Plan #EMF2020 and was developed in order to provide all employees with a way of actively contributing to the company's transformation process, in line with its strategy.

The program, which was rolled out between mid-2018 and the end of 2019, saw 93% of employees sign up during the first two weeks of the registration drive (April 2018). It includes:

    --  a training component comprising three pathways and 13 modules that are
        customized for each employee and combine classroom and digital learning,
        lasting between 17 and 26.5 days depending on the pathway;
    --  a practical component with working groups on the presentation topics
        offered, relating to the economics of the business and to ExterionMedia
        France's position in society.

The two components are marked and lead to program certification.

The Digital Passport is, therefore, a concrete plan that supports the company's transformation process and works as much for employees' individual development as for the collective success of #EMF2020. For employees, it is a company-specific training plan with a digital and customer-experience focus that allows them to increase their employability and to obtain certification on completion of the course awarded by Audencia Business School, which provides the majority of the training modules.

This has inspired enthusiasm and commitment among employees, 93% of whom have signed up voluntarily and used their CPF/DIF training grant credits, with an average satisfaction rate of 81% on the modules already completed! The benefits do not stop there for ExterionMedia France, which has also profited from improved communication on its internal communications platform Sociabble - evidence of how employees have engaged with the project. The project is paying off; revenue is up for the first time in 10 years while the operating margin continues to grow.

Michel Barabel, Director of the HR Executive Masters at Sciences Po and a member of the HR Innovation jury 2019, said: "ExterionMedia France implemented an extremely ambitious HR policy focused on the development of employees' competencies to address a critical economic and strategic situation. Firstly, it was the scale of the program that struck the jury, with an extremely high participation rate of 93% of employees, 200 training sessions, and 170 hours of training per employee, i.e. 53,116 training hours. Secondly, the project's KPIs demonstrate real success, and, lastly, the impact on economic performance with 2018 revenue up for the first time in 10 years (+2%). The project shows that an ambitious HR policy can create high economic value for the company. ExterionMedia France has been able to develop its employees' learning capacities and thus stimulate the teams' innovation capacities, reigniting hope in their company and in its future."

SOURCE Schneider Electric Canada Inc.