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NEW YORK, August 15, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Research shows that 18 percent of patient records within organizations are duplicates. In fact, human error and manual handling of documentation can lead to inconsistencies and lost documents., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software developers, uncovered the benefits of using trusted electronic medical software to manage patient records. These include:

    --  More reliable information about patient history.
    --  Thorough documentation of procedures and medical notes.
    --  Enhanced patient and data privacy.
    --  Reduced costs by the elimination of paperwork and duplicates.
    --  And more.

The purpose of medical software is to dynamize the diagnostics and treatment of patients, as well as improve the provision of information and protection of data. Companies in the health sector should conduct thorough research and hire an experienced medical development agency to help them in creating solutions for their patients.

"The digitization of the health industry is imminent, and medical companies need to be conscientious of how they develop software solutions," says Gabriel Shaoolian, founder of "Because medical records involve things like HIPPA requirements and sensitive patient information, the solutions that medical professionals use need to fulfill individual needs while complying with privacy laws in the sector." also features the leading medical software development firms who can create trusted and innovative solutions to handle patient records.

The best medical software developers from around the world include:

1. Apiumhub

Apiumhub is a software development company based in Barcelona that has since transformed into a tech hub. They mainly offer mobile app development, web development, software architecture, DevOps and Product Ownership services.

2. Attract Group

Attract Group is a reputable software development company that helps businesses grow with the help of cutting-edge development tools. They have been operating since 2011. Their team of front and back-end developers along with designers, project managers and quality assurance engineers have successfully completed over 100 projects for their customers.

3. Decipher Zone Software

Decipher Zone Software is a service-based java web application development company which offers custom healthcare web app development for remote patient consultation. They also develop CRMs and ERPs for hospital management, and solutions to provide health predictions for patients using prior health diagnostics reports with predictive modeling of data.

4. Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media creates impactful mobile apps that solve real-world problems. Their team harnesses the transformational power of creative technology to make a positive impact, using the latest developments in the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning and more.

5. ICON Worldwide

ICON Worldwide is a full-service design and technology company based in Zürich, Switzerland, with a development center in Sofia, Bulgaria. They design, build and manage websites, mobile apps and social media campaigns for global companies across all sectors. They are Drupal Experts, and have certifications in Acquia and Magnolia technologies.

6. ISS Art, LLC

ISS Art is a custom software development company aimed at complex projects and troubleshooting. They bring intelligent software systems for business and industrial sectors into life. Founded in 2003, they have invested a great part of their profits in improving the skills of their employees and optimizing the development process.

7. itCraft

itCraft is a team of creative specialists who put their best effort in delivering high-quality IT solutions for their clients. Their team's skills enable them to execute projects in the areas of banking, insurance, eCommerce solutions and internet marketing. They are proud to be co-executors of projects for Poland's biggest banks, insurance and telecom companies.

8. RGW IT Services

RGW is a software development firm that provides tailored software development and IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. They specialize in logistics, customs and tracking solutions to fit their clients' needs. Their applications are developed following the agile and open-source philosophies.

9. Rubyroid Labs

Founded in 2013, Rubyroid Labs is a software development business, specializing in Ruby on Rails and mobile development, eCommerce and web design. They help their clients solve and achieve real-life issues and reach new levels of performance with internet-based solutions. Rubyroid Labs is proud to provide top professional web services.

10. Switch Software Solutions

For over a decade, Switch Software Solutions has focused on technologies such as Java, .NET, and JavaScript. Their services include front-end development, back-end development, quality assurance, and UI/UX design. Their collaborative model provides clients cost-effective solutions to increase their profitability.

11. Tudip Technologies Pvt Ltd

Tudip Technologies is a value-driven company that provides quality software services to its clients. They use agile methodologies and have over 250 engineers that help clients with building products across various platforms and domains. They believe in taking clients ideas and developing production-ready products.

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