Helix Linear Launches New Website And Online Store

CLEVELAND, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Helix Linear Technologies has launched a new mobile-friendly website showcasing a new product selector tool, CAD file configuration tool and an up-to-date online store. The lead screw customization tool features the largest collection of options available to build a lead screw, including the ability to adjust screw material, accuracy, coating, and end fixity. The online store is designed to provide quick delivery of prototypes to customers. The product selector was developed with filtering and functionality to the user in mind.

"We are very excited to offer our customers a site with an incredible UX. The site will deliver CAD file customization tools that will save engineers enormous amounts of time. We feel that providing the best online experience for our consumer base is a step in the right direction to maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients," said Christopher M. Nook, CEO of Helix Linear Technologies.

Additional improvements to the website are the new profile rail actuator line, an electric cylinder actuator, Can-stack Stepper Actuators and Telescoping Slides. The Profile rail actuator, or PRA, uses may vary based on industry. However, they are best used for applications that require precise linear motion. The electric cylinder actuator comes with an Acme screw or ball screw design. Visitors to the website will also find the "Industries Section" provides information on the specific industries Helix serves.

About Helix Linear Technologies

Helix Linear Technologies is a market leader in design, engineering, and manufacturing of small diameter lead screws and linear actuators. Helix stands by its mission to be an innovative and responsive organization that manufactures linear motion products that meet or exceed their customers' specifications and expectations. More information on the company's extensive product lines, services provided, and industry leading innovation can be found here: helixlinear.com


     Christopher  Nook

     Phone: 1-216-485-2263


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