FREEdom Forever Movement: The Emenator Social Media Platform is 100% Free

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla., Aug. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Emenator, a feature-rich and intuitive social platform that provides video capabilities, content creation tools, and social group characteristics without all of the data collection and personal information spying, recently announced their social platform is officially 100% free for all users.

Calling it the FREEdom Forever Movement, this next generation of Emenator is moving past the initial paid membership module that helped get the technology started.

As part of the movement, Emenator is guaranteeing: an ad-free experience, without privacy invasion or data storing, no sinister algorithms that bury content, and without harsh censorship practices that remove their user's ability to accurately express themselves.

"If you like robust video options, no ads in your feeds, seeing what your friends post in real-time, and the ability to create groups around your personal passions, all while keeping your information private, then Emenator is for you," said Tori Swanson, Founder and Owner of Emenator. "Although other social media sites had good intentions in the beginning, they have become for-profit corporate machines that look at users as a commodity. We look at people as the very life and breath of Emenator."

Emenator includes a Xtra Video Platform that is a powerful video composition and editing platform, helping video content creators to take their potential to the next level - for free. There is also a music video and song sharing component, Music Garage, that enables artists to build a community around their tracks, merchandise, and future releases.

For the non-content creators, enjoy an ad-free experience in which you can connect with your favorite creators, talk to them, share their content, and be part of the discussion.

Right now, any interested user can open their own Emenator account, for free, and start sharing their experiences to other social channels.

"We need your help to get the word out there about this new social experience," said Swanson. "People no longer need to settle as a piece of property that generates income for the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Instead, you can take part in a social engagement that was made for you and your success. If you believe in this cause, join in the Emenator movement."

Emenator is available for download from both the App Store and Google Play.

If you're ready to join the next big thing in social media, visit:

SOURCE Emenator