The Most Valuable Car Insurance Discounts And How To Obtain Them

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- has launched a new blog post that presents which discounts are the best for lower car insurance rates.

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To obtain cheaper car insurance, drivers should take advantage of the discounts that are available for them. Car insurance companies are known to offer discounts for various reasons. However, only a few are capable to significantly lower the price of auto insurance.

The most valuable discounts, that can help the drives lower their insurance policies the most, are the following:

    --  Multi-policy discount. Also called bundling, this type of discount is
        one of the most rewarding. Policyholders can get significant savings by
        insuring house and car together to one insurance company. Multi-vehicle
        plans can also provide significant savings. Depending on the number of
        combined policies and the value of the insured belongings, the value of
        the discount can be pretty high. Some insurers can offer a discount as
        large as 20% of the value of the whole bundled package.
    --  Low-mileage discount. Policyholders that moved closer to their
        workplace, or they retired, should ask their insurers if they are
        eligible for this discount. Drivers that drive fewer miles than a
        certain amount are eligible for this type of discounts. Depending on the
        insurance company, this discount can be as high as 20%.
    --  Good driver discount. Drivers that manage to keep a clean driving record
        for a number of years can be rewarded with a discount from their
        insurers. Depending on the insurance companies, drivers will have to
        keep their driving records clean for a period that ranges from three to
        five years.
    --  Good student discount. Insurance companies think teenagers are hazardous
        drivers. Teenagers tend to be more reckless than other drivers and are
        also less experienced, so even the responsible ones are rarely given the
        benefit of the doubt. However, insurers often provide discounts to
        students who maintain a 3.0 GPA in school.
    --  Safety gear discount. Insurance companies will reward those car owners
        that are willing to make their cars safer. Policyholders should check
        with their insurers and see what safety devices are approved. Safety
        devices like anti-lock brakes, GPS tracking systems, rear-view cameras,
        and more can potentially lower the price of insurance.

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