Ricky Nguyen Millennial Movement Podcast Hits Top 150 Podcast In The World!

SEATTLE, Aug. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Ricky Nguyen is a lifelong entrepreneur and the host of the lifestyle and business podcast Millennial Movement. He's gone from selling lemonade and sneakers to hosting one of the top 150 podcasts and tells us where he's going in the future.

Ricky Nguyen is known for his presence on the podcast scene for his positive attitude, high energy and a love for helping others learn and reach their passions and purpose in life. He's hosted personalities such as:

    --  Blake Wynn
    --  Dan Fleyshman
    --  David Meltzer
    --  John Malott
    --  Ryan White

In discussion with the guests above and through others, he's helped extract tips, knowledge, and expertise for his listeners to use in their own professional and private endeavors.

Ricky's background having grown up amongst adversity, bullying, lemonade stands and tennis shoes sales has helped craft the story of his life which has become a relatable narrative amongst an entire generation. Moving forward from what may have been the lowest point of his life he decided to overcome his own obstacles by investing in himself and since has transformed his mind and his life, and now desires to empower others to find that same victorious mindset through the Millennial Mindset Podcast.

His current project is the Millennial Movement podcast which is in the top 150 general podcasts but is one of the top podcasts in the UK dealing with business. He wants to continue growing this podcast to be one of the top 50 in the world and to continue hosting events for Podcasts and entrepreneurs. He wants to give the people who listen to him to gain energy and hear useful tips through podcast guests in a way that helps them improve their own lives.

On the Millennial Movement podcast, you will hear stories and interviews from a varied mix of innovative athletes, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Ricky will be interviewing guests that will provide insight on branding, crypto currency, investing, real estate, sports, and much more inspiration to help you find your desired path.

He's also interested in expanding his current business ventures beyond hosting the Millennial Movement, and diversify his portfolio of professional expertise.

SOURCE Millennial Movement