Safe Harbor LLP, Leading Tax Accountants in San Francisco, Announces New Post on the Love/Hate Relationship to Taxation

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Safe Harbor LLP, considered one of the top tax accountants in San Francisco, California, for businesses, startups, and individuals at, is proud to announce a fun, lively post to its blog on the love/hate relationship the firm and its clients have towards taxation. The post points out that the firm knows the esoterica of all types of taxation, including expatriate tax return preparation and international taxation, but also work hard to minimize taxation due to its "hatred" of overtaxation.

"No one really like taxes, and neither do we," explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. "As we enter the final quarter of 2019, we wanted to alert our readership to our desire to minimize their tax burden to the fullest extent of the law."

Persons who would like to read the blog can visit Another option is to read the updated informational page on San Francisco tax advisors at Still another is to read the blog for information on expat tax return preparation; indeed, the firm is known as one of the top CPA firms for international taxation, including preparing the tax returns for "expatriates," such as Canadian citizens who live and work in California yet maintain their Canadian citizenship.


Here is background on this release. The post argues that, on the one hand, Safe Harbor CPAs "loves" taxes because the firm takes pride in its knowledge of the esoterica of local, state, federal, and even international tax requirements. And, on the other hand, the CPA firm "hates" taxes as it strives to minimize the tax burden of its clients. The reality is that this love/hate relationship to taxes encourages the accountants at Safe Harbor CPAs to fervently know every in and out of tax requirements as they strive to minimize how much any client pays in taxes.

A secondary feature in the post is the idea that as we enter the fourth quarter or Q4, both businesses and individuals face the challenge of tax planning. During this quarter, the savvy taxpayer will touch base with his or her tax advisor and determine courses of action that can minimize any tax burden. To do so, the following issues need to be addressed. First, the person has to have the desire to minimize their taxes and the gumption to take action to deal with the "unpleasant" reality of taxation. Second, the individual or business needs to get all of their data in order, and third, the individual or business needs to set up a meeting with their tax advisor to review their current income and assets as well as look for tax minimization opportunities. Fortunately, the post has a link to a contact form for Safe Harbor CPAs so that they can reach out for a consultation. Working with a CPA firm that both loves and hates taxes, as the post concludes, is an ideal way to minimize how much of one's hard earned money is turned over to local, state, federal, or even international authorities in any given tax year.


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