Texas District is Expanding Online Teaching Services in Ector County

DALLAS, September 3, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- As of August 30, 2019, Proximity Learning Inc. is proud to announce a district-wide expansion of virtual online teachers in Ector County ISD. Driving America's oil boom is an East Texas town in the heart of the Permian Basin. Companies here are offering six-figure salaries, free housing for a year, and company cars to entice anyone with a college degree to work for them, further exacerbating the current teacher shortage. With the district facing over 300 vacancies on the first day of school, the administration was determined to develop a plan to ensure equity for their students. Ector County ISD is expanding a pilot program at Permian High School that streams highly qualified, certified Texas teachers into their classrooms to lead instruction.

"They were in the middle of serious teacher shortages and needed help in any way they could possibly get," said Jason Roppolo, K-12 Partnership Director at Proximity Learning. "It was really successful and they saw the benefit of it."

After observing positive initial reactions to the pilot program, Ector ISD HR director Dr. Gregory Nelson kept in communication with administrators around the district to assess what types of vacancies the district had not filled and determined that expanding the partnership with Proximity Learning was the best solution for students in Ector County. For the 2019-20 school year, Ector County is not only expanding its partnership to the districts' middle schools but is welcoming more state-certified teachers for all subjects!

"We are excited to successfully staff one of our most important partnerships since Proximity Learning was created," said Evan Erdberg, President of Proximity Learning. "With over 300 vacancies district-wide, our goal is to staff over 75 of them with highly qualified teachers by the end of November."

Virtual online teachers are an ideal solution for Ector County, which oversees 12 middle and high schools. Proximity Learning's instruction model simulates a brick and mortar classroom, allowing Ector County to fulfill its mission of developing lifelong learners and fostering a standard of excellence.

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