Foxx Equipment Adds More 304-grade Brewery Fittings in New Beverage-dispensing Equipment Catalog

The expanded 256-page full-color catalog just released by Foxx Equipment Co. features eight additional pages, including more durable and versatile fittings and equipment for dispensing beer, wine, soda, coffee and other beverages.

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The new Foxx Equipment catalog features expanded offerings of 304-grade fittings for dispensing beer, wine, soda, coffee, tea and kombucha. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The new Foxx Equipment catalog features expanded offerings of 304-grade fittings for dispensing beer, wine, soda, coffee, tea and kombucha. (Graphic: Business Wire)

More than half of the fittings are now higher-grade 304 stainless steel that can be used with any beverages, including wine, beer, coffee, tea and kombucha.

Three of the added pages offer tri-clover compatible fittings ­– elbowed and 180-degree U-bend tubes, 90-degree and 135-degree “Y” tees, PRV tank breathers, drop-in and thread-in thermowells, pressure gauges, inside/outside fittings, garden hose fittings and flare adapter fittings.

The Perlick brewery fittings section has been expanded to offer pass-through towers featuring all-metal stainless steel, polished chrome or tarnish-free brass bodies.

The expanded Perlick section also includes 316-grade tri-clover compatible stainless steel sampling valves and seal kits. Additional sampling valve accessories include 15-turn and 5-turn proof coil AKA: pig tails, ¼-inch FPT attachments, 3/8-inch barbed attachments and capping attachments. Sampling valve accessories are designed to attach easily to the valve spout by placing a loop over the hook and tightening the thumb screw.

Additional catalog highlights include:

  • New McDantim PSI secondary regulators provide higher flow rates, greater accuracy and sensitivity with exceptionally low pressure loss in series.
  • Coleman cold and coil plate dispensers feature all 304 stainless steel contacts.
  • New refractometers with auto-temp compensation and easy-to-read brix scale are available at lower prices.
  • Stainless steel disconnects attach to any swivel nut and stem to create a barbed version.
  • The increased offering of A.E.B. 304 stainless steel “ball lock” product tanks are ISO 9001 certified and are now available with rubber tops and handles.
  • Manual CO2 and N2 gas changeover valves provide an affordable alternative to automatic changeovers at lower prices.
  • Tail pieces and splicers are available in 304 stainless steel or plated brass.
  • Expanded offerings on keg and space management products include stacker rings, spacers and dollies for multiple-size kegs.

All dispensing equipment is sold wholesale only. Customers can download the priced catalog by logging onto their account. A nonpriced catalog is also available. To request a free print copy of the catalog, call Foxx Equipment toll-free at 800-821-2254 or go to Online specials are also offered on the website.

For more information or to order, call Foxx Equipment toll-free at 800-821-2254 (Kansas City) or 800-525-2484 (Denver).

About Foxx Equipment Co.

Ford and Christine Maurer have owned Foxx Equipment Co. for more than four decades. Founded in 1956, the company specializes in soft drink and beer-dispensing equipment parts, including certain hard-to-find parts. Most fittings and other parts are designed for dispensing valves and containers, such as pop tanks and kegs that contain syrup or beer.