Automechanika Johannesburg Set to Witness Turkish Clout in Supplier Industry

JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Known as Europe's fifth largest manufacturer in the automotive main industry, and the producer of the most strategic parts for the automotive supplier industry, Turkey is getting ready to attend the Automechanika Johannesburg Fair. Under the leadership of the sole representative of the Turkish automotive sector in the field of exports, namely Uluda? Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (O?B), Turkish firms will showcase their latest products in the fair, one of the world's largest organizations in the automotive supplier industry.

The fair will take place in Johannesburg on September 18-21, 2019 and will be attended by prominent Turkish supplier industry firms such as Bülbül Battery, Büyük Gedikler, Erdil Battery, Kaçmazlar, Mercan Gasket, On Filtre, Sab Automotive, Tekoto, Universal Suspension, Accessory, Yenmak Engine Gömlek and Yumak Automotive. Companies will share with visitors their state-of-the-art products in manufacturing and repair systems.

The strategic supplier of giant automotive brands: Turkey

The Turkish automotive industry is among the strongest sectors contributing to the national economy, with a production capacity of 2 million units, 1.5 million units of production, and exports worth over USD 30 billion. Europe's fifth largest manufacturer in the main automotive industry, Turkey also holds second position in commercial vehicle production in Europe. Capable of participating in manufacturing projects in multiple countries as a global platform with co-designer competency, Turkey is the manufacturer of the most strategic parts for automotive giants, and exports USD 11 billion worth of supplier industry products.

South Africa an important alternative market for Turkey

Despite the considerable distance and its high customs duties on non-EU countries, South Africa constitutes an important alternative market for Turkey.

The driving engine of Turkey's economy since many years, the automotive industry aims to bring its exports up to USD 32 billion this year. In 2018, the Turkish automotive industry's automotive exports to the Republic of South Africa rose by 4 percent to reach USD 117 million. The double-digit increase in passenger car exports had a positive impact on all export items.

Turkish companies, forging ahead with the goal of producing and exporting high-value added, high-tech products with original designs, are also participating in the fair and planning to establish connections and forge collaborations with the core industry companies that have the lion's share in South Africa's automotive exports, in the short and medium term.

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SOURCE Uludag Automotive Exporters' Association (OIB)