Symfact Announces New Release - Symfact Version 20

SUGIEZ, Switzerland, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Symfact, the leading provider of Contract and Compliance Management Solutions, announces major new features in Symfact Version 20. The new release is completely redesigned and comes with an optimized graphical user interface (GUI) for an improved, modern and more intuitive user experience. Symfact V20 is now available for new customers. Being based on the common single technology platform, the V20 improvements apply across all Symfact Contract and GRC management solutions.

Symfact V20 provides users with real world, practical benefits with improvements in speed, dashboard editing, data load, scrolling and a redesigned search engine. In addition to providing an all-new user experience, Symfact V20 introduces new features for archive, sort, filter and drag and drop of line elements, email notifications and field validation on the fly.

V20 is also offering selection of individual user preferences like screen color, number formatting, language, currency and more.

About Symfact
Symfact is an international company with an industry leading software portal for enterprise management solutions. We focus to provide a single software platform addressing the multiple domains of Contract and Compliance Management. Our software enables customers to deal with Governance, Risk and Compliance demands, thereby reducing risk and increasing efficiency and productivity.

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