Bárdi Autó Confirmed for the Second Time as the Best Auto Parts Store in Hungary

BUDAPEST, Hungary, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Bárdi Autó has justified customers trust and for the second time earned its status as the "Best price-quality auto parts store" in Hungary.

Since its foundation, the main goal of Bárdi Autó Zrt. has been to maintain a balance between excellent quality, exceptional service, and favorable price. The excellence of products is guaranteed by long-standing cooperation with leading component manufacturers and in many cases exclusive distribution orders.

The reliability of services is supported by a unique distribution system, ensuring constant and wide range availability of parts, quick and constant back-testing and accurate, predictable deliveries. All phases of distribution are characterized by a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainable development.

Best Buy Award accolade is an indicator that customers are satisfied with Bárdi Autó products and services and therefore recognized them as their first choice when it comes to best value auto part stores in Hungary.

Bárdi Autó Zrt.'s total turnover in 2018 (in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia): 224,7 million euros. The company's turnover growth in 2018 +17,8 %, which means more than 34 million euros.

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