Best, Worst and Riskiest Places to Sell a Phone in 2019? In-Depth Breakdown

SEATTLE, Sept. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Surging demand for the iPhone 11 exceeds initial projections as forecasters expect up to 75 million units to sell by year's end, which means millions will soon be selling their old phones to help offset costs. compared phone selling options to identify the highest-paying, fastest, most convenient and riskiest places to sell a phone in 2019. The report can be viewed on

Key findings include:

    --  Local and online marketplaces pay the most for used phones, but they're
        also hotspots for scammers
    --  Online buyback stores and carriers offer the greatest convenience,
        though carriers pay in credit while online buyback stores pay cash
    --  Kiosks and local buyback stores pay the fastest, but they pay less than
        other options
    --  Online buyback stores offer the best balance between high payouts,
        convenience and quick cash payments with minimal risk

The report helps people identify the best place to sell a phone, based on priorities. Those who:

    --  Want the most money and are comfortable with the risks should sell to
        local buyers via platforms such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace
    --  Want fast cash and are willing to take a lower payout should sell to
        local buyback stores or kiosks such as Best Buy or ecoATM
    --  Are willing to invest more time and wait for a higher payout should sell
        to online marketplaces such as eBay or Swappa (though fees cut into
    --  Seek convenience and are willing to wait to get paid store credit should
        sell to carriers
    --  Want a balance between high payouts, convenience and quick cash payments
        should sell to online buyback stores offers free tools to help people get more money for their phones, including:

    --  Instant buyback and trade-in offer comparisons from Trust Verified
    --  Phone value blue book
    --  Price lock information: lock in a high price today, then wait up to 30
        days to sell

View the full report at

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