ASEOHosting's Page Says Google SEO Changes Require More Schooling in Big Data, Analytics

HUDSON, Fla., Sept. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at ASEOHosting, a provider of Search Engine Optimization-focused hosting, today commented on Google's purported shift "from search engine to portal."

That phrase was first uttered in a keynote at SMX Advanced in June by Search Engine Land editor Jessica Bowman. In her presentation, Bowman explained that Google has, over the past several years, made a number of changes to its search engine which fundamentally change the end-user experience. These plans, she explained, will have far-reaching consequences for the SEO field.

"Buzzwords aside, Bowman's message is an important one for businesses," said Page. "Search is evolving at a startling rate. We've already seen echoes of this with the emergence of Schema markup. I expect even greater changes over the next year or so."

As far as what shape these changes may take, Page agrees with many of Bowman's assertions: Success with technical SEO will require some schooling in big data and data analytics, while the importance of schema and JavaScript will continue to grow. The creation of better, more varied content, he continued, is also important.

However, he cautions businesses against being too heavy-handed when it comes to gaming the SEO Page.

"SEO changes at such a rapid pace that putting too much focus on any individual tactic could end up crippling you in the long run," said Page. "I won't deny that JavaScript, markup, and an understanding of featured snippets are all important. But their importance ultimately pales in comparison to simply writing things people want to read."

"The key takeaway from this whole thing is that as long as you're publishing compelling content and paying some mind to technical SEO, you should be fine," Page continued. "That's ultimately what Google's changes are about, at the end of the day - it wants to give people what they're looking for in terms of content. As long as you understand that, none of these changes should intimidate you."


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