Marfeel Announces New Fast Ads Solution that Decreases First Ad Load Time by 66%, Increasing Publisher Revenue Significantly

BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Marfeel, the publisher platform that revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize, and monetize mobile websites, today announced a new solution named Fast Ads that load ads on an average of 2.4 seconds on iOS mobile devices. This new solution removes publisher viewability obstacles with a 66% decrease in display ad load time that in turn leads to an increase in ad viewability and an overall revenue spike.

Google just recently analyzed the state of ad viewability and found that in the United States display ad viewability is at 49% while Marfeel's is 58% across all of their publishers' mobile inventory, including from areas where there are very low internet connections. For locations with strong internet connections, Marfeel ad viewability reaches averages of 70%+ viewability.

Marfeel accomplished this task in "Marie Kondo" style by removing existing legacy code that was slowing down the loading process, and prioritizing the existing code to be "monetization-first." By loading the monetization code in a web worker, the company created a solution to the publisher problem of ad load-time lagging enormously behind page-load time. As a result of the changes, Marfeel publishers have experienced up to 10% increase in revenue.

Marfeel has created a similar solution for page load times. Last year, Marfeel also announced a new Progressive Web App that decreased page load time to 0.7 seconds. "We are The Publisher Platform, as such our company mission is to create the best user experience for our tenants so that they engage their readers with optimal speed, and have the most effective monetization solution on the market," says Juan Margenat, COO of Marfeel. "We are constantly creating new strategies for our publishers to increase revenue."

As stated in the latest Google report on ad viewability, "viewable impressions as a currency and a form of measurement provide advertisers transparency into how efficient their media investment is." In order for publishers to increase viewable impressions of ads, it is crucial to decrease load time so they capture the viewer before they leave the site. Inventory that is delivered faster is also flagged as "high quality" for advertisers, increasing the overall value for publishers.

"Partnering with Marfeel has impacted not just the loading time of our content, but recently our ad viewability too. Ad viewability has increased to almost 65% - a new high for us. Marfeel supplies the right balance between the user experience and monetization, and supports us with our publishing goals," says Glaydston Veloso, Chief Technology Officer at Mejor con Salud, a publisher of the Spanish media group Grupo MContigo S.L.

About Marfeel

Marfeel is the publisher platform that revolutionizes the way news websites and digital publishers create, optimize, and monetize mobile websites. Marfeel's proprietary technology analyzes publishers' unique audiences--user habits, behavior and usage patterns--and dynamically adjusts their mobile site layouts to maximize readership, engagement, page views, loading time, and ultimately ad revenue.

Marfeel guarantees top-paying ads from premium advertisers. Now reaching more than 1 billion website sessions every month, Marfeel's mobile website conversion and monetization solution has been recognized by leading industry brands such as Google and the IAB. Publishers that already benefit from Marfeel include Dennis Publishing (US/UK), The Washington Times (US), and Euronews.

The company is growing rapidly, appearing in the FT 1000 two years in a row, and the Inc. 5000 three years in a row. To learn more about Marfeel, please visit

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