WebPort Global & Mediterranean Diet Roundtable Sign Partnership, Grow Online Community of Experts in Mediterranean Food Industry

BOSTON, Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- WebPort Global, the online global trade community, and Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) have signed an agreement that further solidifies their commitment to growing trade and recognition of the Mediterranean food industry, products and brands worldwide. The alliance comes in a strategic timeframe, given the recent U.S. tariffs on imported goods to the United States.

The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes eating primarily plant-based foods, whole grains, legumes and nuts, as well as integrating healthy vegetable fats, especially olive oil.

The MDR Community, powered by WebPort Global, allows industry leaders to connect digitally to create solutions, build partnerships and expand commercial opportunities.

Since its March 2019 launch, the MDR Community online has nurtured the visibility of Med commodity products and brands, the forum and frequency in which the industry communicates, and has given the group valuable information and important tools to grow business worldwide.

"The MDR Community is the only convening of thought leaders from Mediterranean food products, from operators to retailers to the research community. WebPort Global is poised to grow trade of these products globally, specifically SME and specialty producers," said Maureen Pace, Founder & CEO, WebPort Global.

MDR works with stakeholders in commercial and non-commercial food service, supply chains, scientific research and academia. The 2020 calendar of events includes a debut at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, an Ambassadors' Breakfast in Washington, D.C., and an annual event at Notre Dame University, Indiana. An international event is also planned for fall 2020 in Greece.

Daniela Puglielli, founder of the MDR says, "Most recently, the MDR was presented at the prestigious Radcliffe Instituto at Harvard University to discuss further implementations of what seems to be the most healthy, delicious and sustainable diet on the planet."

The growing MDR Community on WebPort Global brings scientists and industry analysts together as well, to accelerate the sharing of Mediterranean culinary concepts, as they can be applied to K-12 and secondary school food programs.

"Our events demonstrate how nutritional science can be translated into food policy for the well-being of the general population," adds Puglielli. "In an all-digital age, it is imperative to provide pertinent tools to our community. We are grateful to WebPort Global for enabling this important capability."

More information available at www.webportglobal.com or www.MDRproject.com.

About WebPort Global:
WebPort Global (WPG) steers the global trade journey by connecting SMEs to buyers, sellers, networking, relevant opportunities, data and news on a globally-accessible portal. WPG is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Drew Company, a privately held, Boston-based holding and investment company founded in 1982 by John Drew. Best known for its deep experience in real estate development, management and consulting, the Drew Company currently oversees a broad range of ventures, spanning real estate, hospitality, technology, and entrepreneurial investment. More information at www.webportglobal.com

About Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR):
The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) is a thought leadership forum with a mission of promoting the appreciation of the Mediterranean Diet in America. The MDR is designed to inform, inspire and educate different audiences, creating a forum for an open exchange of ideas about diet and health. More information at www.MDRproject.com

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