Discover the Best Strategies for Launching and Commercializing Healthcare Innovations with Dr. Roxie Mooney's New Book: "How Health Innovators Maximize Market Success"

BOSTON and ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Ninety-five percent of healthcare innovations that are launched in the market fail. Why? These products simply did not reach an adequate level of customer acceptance and profitability. How can this change? Health innovators need to learn evidence-based guidelines and practices to increase their chances for market success.

These guidelines and practices will be revealed today in the new book "How Health Innovators Maximize Market Success: Strategies to Launch and Commercialize Healthcare Innovations," by Dr. Roxie, DBA, CEO of Legacy DNA, a firm dedicated to strategy for health innovators. Dr. Roxie, who is a 20-year healthcare marketing veteran and professor, based the book on the CoIQ Early Adoption Commercialization Strategy, a blueprint she developed to guide health innovators through making informed and evidence-based commercialization decisions.

In the book, Dr. Roxie has laid out effective launching and commercialization strategies that can drive market success. She designed the book for health innovators keen on learning how to set up the key components of an early adoption commercialization strategy. It also provides practical tips and insights on pilot relationships, product development and patient co-creation, and branding, among many others.

"Successful health innovators look to users and buyers to offer hidden insights, inspire new ideas, bring them back to reality, and help position innovations for commercial success," says Dr. Roxie. "Until now, it was impossible for innovators to find this information in one place. The book provides a look at the CoIQ blueprint to guide health innovators toward their best real-world strategies and maximize the potential of every innovation brought to market."

"For those who find themselves in the critical phase of launching a business or new product, Dr. Roxie Mooney's book, "How Health Innovators Maximize Market Success," is a must-read," says Joseph Kvedar, MD, vice president of Connected Health/Partners Healthcare and Harvard Medical School professor. "The intertwined relationship between marketing and strategy is a pervasive theme in this book -- and in Roxie's work. So, as you might expect, her book is chock full of lessons learned, to guide an entrepreneur though the gauntlet of commercialization of a healthcare business."

"In this book, Dr.Roxie Mooney's rich experience in the field combined with the knowledge that she has gathered from top health innovators, early adopters, and influencers are laid out for start-up companies to help them with their launch and commercialization decisions," says Mitchell Levy (, Global Credibility Expert and The AHA Guy at AHAthat® (

Connected Health Interactive Workshop

In addition to the book launch at the 2019 Connected Health Conference, Dr. Roxie will today host an interactive workshop, "Patient Co-creation: If Everybody's Doing it, Why Are We Here?" also at the conference. Built on insights from the book, the workshop will address biases that can make innovations prone to failure and reveal the importance of product development through patient co-creation -- and a hands-on introduction to the Five Co-s Product Co-Creation Framework: Co-Ideation, Co-Valuation, Co-Design, Co-Test, and Co-Launch.

Book Availability

Hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions of this book are available on Amazon and will be available at the 2019 Connected Health Conference. Healthcare innovators can download the Kindle version of this book free of charge from Oct. 16-20 at:

About Dr. Roxie

Dr. Roxie Mooney, DBA helps health innovators maximize market success. She combined 20 years in marketing, 10 years as an agency owner, and a doctorate in business that uniquely focuses on healthcare innovation into a blueprint for making commercialization decisions. It's called CoIQ Early Adoption Commercialization Strategy, and that's what helps health innovators not only avoid failure but increase their chances of success and ensure they are making the most of their healthcare innovation.

She also produces and hosts CoIQ with Dr. Roxie, a first-of-its-kind interactive video and podcast show where top health innovators, early adopters, and influencers speak candidly about their healthcare innovation experiences. She recently published, "How Leaders Market and Commercialize Healthcare Technology Innovation," in the peer-reviewed Journal of Business & Economic Perspectives (JBEP) and is an associate professor at the Jack Welch Management Institute and Palm Beach Atlantic University.