Sherpany Closes the Meeting Loop With Tasks & Decisions Follow-Up

ZURICH, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sherpany today released 'Tasks & Decisions' enabling all customers to get a holistic overview of all tasks & decisions across meetings. This release closes the last mile of the meeting loop between the outcome of a meeting, it's follow-up and the conclusion. For the first time, the entire life cycle through meetings can be managed in one tool.

Didn't you ever have trouble compiling all the actions that result from all your meetings? Often nobody in an enterprise has a holistic view on what decisions have been taken in meetings, which tasks are open and who is assigned to them. They are all hidden in meeting minutes and you will lose hours of valuable work time in searching the right minutes document.

To make it easier and faster, Sherpany releases today the new Tasks and Decisions view. It enables company secretaries and meeting organizers to keep an overview and follow-up on open tasks & decisions across their meetings and committees. To stay compliant at all times, one can review which tasks or decisions are overdue or filter them by type or a specific group of users.

In one overview, you can quickly see what's not decided yet, who still has work to do but also which meetings have the most outcomes. Foresee potential delays and take preventive measures by ordering the view by the assignee and understand if they have too much on their plate to comply with the deadlines.

About Sherpany

Sherpany was founded in 2011 with a vision to create a world where every meeting counts. Today, the company is Swiss market leader for meeting management software and helps over 5000 European business leaders to increase the productivity of their meetings. Sherpany has won several start-up awards and currently employs over 100 people in six offices across Europe.

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