Leader in Precious Metals Launches New Price Match Technology

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Metals.com is ranked #1 in customer service over its 10 year history in the precious metals industry. The company unveils its new nationwide Price Match Program technology.

Continuing its long history of the lowest prices and fastest shipping available in the industry, Metals.com announces new software to match any nationally recognized competitor or government mint on precious metals prices online.

One of the most significant objectives in the Metals.com technology division is aligning machine learning into operations and customer support.

With price match technology, Metals.com empowers consumers of metals to choose from tens of thousands of metals products. If it's in our inventory, we guarantee to match any government mint or national competitor price or your money back.

Here's how the new technology works:

At the time of sale, Metals.com will match the published retail premium of the price for the same quantity of any product we carry that is shipped from and sold by a national competitor or government mint.

If the metals market lowers on premium within 7 calendar days following your purchase, we will match our own lower price as well, upon request.

The Metals.com Price Match Program (PMP), covers one price match per identical item and quantity, per customer.

Metals.com's diverse and dedicated customer service representatives have made it a leading physical metals company for over a decade and now with the implementation of our new price match program technology, Metals.com aims to be the low cost leader on physical retail metals in all of North America.

To learn more about the Price Match Program, visit Metals.com.

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