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The "Global Graphite Market (2019 Edition): World Market Review By Type (Natural, Synthetic), By Application (Refractory Materials, Batteries, Others): Opportunities and Forecast (2019-2024)" report has been added to's offering.

The Graphite market was valued at USD 17,613.93 Million in the year 2018.

Over the recent years, Graphite market has been witnessing considerable growth on the back of rapid demand of graphite for various applications including lithium ion and hybrid and electric vehicles and also increasing demand for high-purity graphite in fuel-cell and battery applications.

In addition, rising demand of graphite for lightweight materials in aircraft components, opening of new graphite mines have contributed to the growth rate of Graphite market. These factors are anticipated to provide higher momentum to the market growth in the forecast period.

Among all the types of Graphite that includes natural graphite and synthetic graphite. Synthetic graphite holds the highest market share in the Graphite Market owing to the superior consistency and high purity of synthetic graphite compared to the natural graphite, increasing demand from the electronic industries, high demand of graphite for the graphite electrode manufacturing, carbon fibres and also growing demand from the nuclear industry.

Among the regions, Asia Pacific Market will continue to be the largest market in the forecast period, majorly driven by escalating number of manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles, growing infrastructure and construction in developing countries, rise in the demand of batteries for various application, rise in the production of the mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Research Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Strategic Recommendations

3.1 Focus on Asia Pacific Regions

3.2 Focus on various technological advancements

4. Global Graphite: Product Outlook

5. Global Graphite: Market Outlook

6. Global Graphite Market Dynamics

6.1 Global Graphite Market Drivers

6.1.1 Growing demand of lithium ion batteries

6.1.2 Increasing adoption of nuclear pebble bed reactor

6.1.3 Rising demand of graphite in the developing nations

6.2 Global Graphite Market Restraints

6.2.1 Environmental Regulations

6.3 Global Graphite Market Trends

6.3.1 Growing demand of the graphene batteries

6.3.2 Usage of drones for mapping in graphite mines

7. Porter's Five Force Analysis: Global Graphite market

8. SWOT Analysis: Global Graphite market

9. Global Graphite Market: An Analysis

9.1 Global Graphite Market: By Value 2017-2024 (USD Million)

9.1.1 Global Graphite Market: Trade Analysis (Exports & Imports)

9.2 Global Graphite Market - Segment Analysis

9.3 By Types (2017,2024)

9.3.1 Global Graphite Market, Natural Graphite (USD Million): 2017-2024

9.3.2 Global Graphite Market, Synthetic Graphite (USD Million): 2017-2024

9.4 Market Attractiveness of global graphite market - By Types

9.5 By Applications (2017,2024)

9.5.1 Global Graphite Market, Refractory Materials (USD Million): 2017-2024

9.5.2 Global Graphite Market, Batteries (USD Million): 2017-2024

9.5.3 Global Graphite Market, Others (USD Million): 2017-2024

9.6 Market Attractiveness of global graphite market - By Applications

10. Global Graphite Market: Regional Analysis

11. North America Graphite Market: An Analysis

11.1 North America Graphite Market, By Value 2017-2024

11.2 North America Graphite Market : Segment Analysis

11.3 United States Graphite Market : Country Analysis

11.4 Canada Graphite Market: Country Analysis

12. Europe Graphite Market: An Analysis

12.1 Europe Graphite Market, By Value 2017-2024

12.2 Europe Graphite Market : Segment Analysis

13. Asia-Pacific Graphite Market: An Analysis

13.1 Asia-Pacific Graphite Market, By Value 2017-2024

13.2 Asia Pacific Graphite Market: Segment Analysis

13.2.1 Asia-Pacific Graphite Market, By Types 2017-2024 (USD Million)

13.2.2 Asia-Pacific Graphite Market, By Applications 2017-2024 (USD Million)

13.3 China: Country Analysis

13.4 India: Country Analysis

13.5 Japan: Country Analysis

14. Rest of the World Graphite Market: An Analysis

14.1 Rest of the World Graphite Market, By Value 2017-2024 (USD Million)

14.2 Rest of the World Graphite Market, By Types 2017-2024 (USD Million)

14.3 Rest of the World Graphite Market, By Application, 2017-2024 (USD Million)

15. Company Profiles

15.1 AMG Advanced Metallurgical group

15.2 Asbury Carbon

15.3 Showa Denko

15.4 SGL Carbon

15.5 Toray Industries

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