Fight to Fame's Reality TV Show Is Set to Change Sports Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Fight to Fame, whose "BMS" Model (that's Blockchain + Movies + Sports) stands to create a new way forward for entertainment at large, with a Reality TV show launching in 2020 which plans to have 13 episodes filmed around the world. Currently in casting for the reality TV Show, the company has robust plans to leverage blockchain to manage contracts and compensation, and allowing fans to directly vote for--and financially engage with--their favorites. Brands will also be able to get in on the action, of course. This approach is revolutionary for fighter's rights, but it isn't the most exciting part of the project -- the project plans to create a new pipeline directly from the ring to the Hollywood soundstage.

The Fight to Fame reality TV show will track fighters through three separate phases: Preliminary Rounds, Elimination Rounds, and the Grand Finale. The Preliminary Rounds are planned to be filmed in regions around the world and will be looking for fighters with the right criteria to move forward. Only 50 candidates will make it through to the Elimination Rounds where each week the contestants will be pushed to their limits in specific "areas of expertise" required to be an Action Star, which includes movie fighting, action training and stunt work, and weapons training. Fans will be able to vote for their favorite contestants using Fight to Fame's proprietary FF Token (hence the blockchain component). The final three will compete head to head for the ultimate prize, a contract with a film production company.

The prize for the winner of this reality show--besides mentorship by top fighters like Chris Van Heerden, Roy Jones Jr and Cung Le, and professional fight training from Rigan Machado--is a role in a feature film. The grand-prize winner will receive a contract to star in an upcoming action film, and possibly global stardom.

Sports Entertainment and innovation aren't the most compatible couple. While the NFL has been using drones and TV technology to create better viewing experiences and esports in gaming, true innovation hasn't hit in a long time. Similarly, action movies seem to have the same names gracing the marquee over and over. Fighting, Boxing and Wrestling have room to innovate beyond just new matches and storylines. Solving the very real problems that have plagued organizations like MMA for decades could be an opportunity. Fighters are underpaid and tied to contracts that limit their own self-promotion. The majority of the money ends up going back to the parent organizations and to make low-earning worse, fighters are often on the hook for their own medical costs. Generally, only the big names make a living.

About Fight to Fame

Fight to Fame provides a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to global competitors to compete to become belt-holding Fight to Fame Champions. Top competitors will earn the right to participate in the Fight to Fame Action Star Reality Show. Champions from the show will be given roles in major motion picture action films, creating a new generation of international action stars.

The plan is compelling, ambitious, and exactly what this space needs. If you want to throw your hat in the ring for a chance to be the next star, or want to learn more head over to the website:

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