The First Purpose Built, Refrigerated Beauty Box for Cosmetics by Beautigloo is Now Available for Pre-order

PARIS, Dec. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Refrigerated Beauty Box preserves the key properties of cosmetics and boosts their effectiveness! It was designed in France, after two years of R&D, with the help of leading dermatologists. The award-winning design takes cosmetics storage to the next level and uses advanced technologies to answer to the highest standards.

The masterpiece for connoisseurs of beauty is now available in the US for the introductory price of $329. By pre-ordering now on, the product will be delivered in March 2020.

Currently, due to a lack of a better solution, many women store their cosmetics in their refrigerators, next to their food. Despite the obvious issues of this being impractical and completely unhygienic, food and beauty products should be stored at different temperatures. With its innovation, Beautigloo's Refrigerated Beauty Box offers a practical and proper environment for cosmetics. Its built-in thermostat ensures an optimal temperature of 10°C, & sublimates cosmetics by optimizing their freshness and performance, while its ventilated cold-air system limits the presence of moisture. Creams, eye cares, masks, nail varnishes, perfumes, natural cosmetics... all benefit from being stored in the Refrigerated Beauty Box.

The Refrigerated Beauty Box has been designed and curated specifically for cosmetics and thanks to its patented system, it is also 100% silent. The beautifully crafted, sleek, low profile design can be placed in any bedroom or bathroom. It offers the best environment for beauty products, conveniently located where they are most used.

This efficient, practical and environmentally friendly jewel of the beauty industry was designed to last more than 20 Years!

"In addition to its low-power consumption, the Refrigerated Beauty Box is 98% recyclable and contains absolutely no polluting refrigerant fluids," explains Florian Ménard, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer.

Beautigloo, the company behind this breakthrough innovation was co-founded by two young entrepreneurs, Clara Lizier and Florian Ménard, in Paris. The start-up aims to preserve beauty, across a range of innovative products for optimizing cosmetics efficiency.

Supported by the cosmetic ecosystem, Beautigloo is accelerated by Sephora Europe and LVMH, the parent company of some of the most exclusive beauty brands in the world.

Beautigloo is also supported by the Cosmetic Valley competitive cluster.

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