UBX Cloud and Syntervision Partner to Provide Security-as-a-Service in the Cloud

DETROIT, Dec. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- UBX Cloud, the global cloud services provider, has partnered with Syntervision to address growing market demand for cybersecurity solutions.

In an effort to expand in the cybersecurity sector, UBX Cloud and Syntervision are now offering cybersecurity services together.

"Partnering with UBX Cloud and putting all the functionality in the cloud space enabled us to drive the cost down as much as possible," Syntervision CEO Greg Elmore said.

Syntervision was founded in 2003 with plans on becoming a Security-as-a-Service company. After having found there was no reliable, unified data solution - especially for smaller businesses and enterprises - Syntervision unveiled their flagship product, the Oasis Platform in 2009, and made it align with ITIL processes that their customers could easily understand. They found the simplest way to manage large data was to structure it on ingest.

"We looked at the problem in cybersecurity. We needed to look at the systems, needed to have some automation in a simple-to-use platform. We troubleshooted and came up with a turnkey solution and no contract," Syntervision CSO Jim Walker said.

Oasis Security, released in 2016, delivers an automated threat-hunting and operations platform to reduce risk, ensure compliance and simplify management.

The Oasis Platform can stand alone as a SIEM and SOAR, with reporting and dashboards, actionable intelligence and installs with 100's of field-tested automations. Oasis will accept feeds of logs, events, or any metrics from any input source like Splunk, but at a lower cost with richer features.

"The Oasis Security platform has not only strengthened our security posture as a global cloud provider, but greatly simplified the care and feeding to maintain such systems," UBX Cloud managing partner Steve Panovski said. "We went from five tools of various complexities and costs down to just one."

The Oasis Security solution offers comprehensive and easy NGAV/EDR tools for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. In addition, customers can implement the Oasis Network Intrusion Detection system that uses advanced analytics to catch zero-day malware and ransomware hiding inside encrypted traffic.

The solution is comprehensive and easy to implement, without an obligation to a long-term contract.

About UBX Cloud
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About Syntervision
Syntervision is the leading innovator of data-driven and automation-led ITSM solutions. Its flagship product, Oasis, provides an end-to-end monitoring and data management platform as a holistic and foundational solution for accelerating digital transformation. For more information, please visit Syntervision at https://www.syntervision.com or call 1-256-508-5590.