First-of-Its-Kind, Event-Based, Offline Social Networking App, ISDOP, Has Hit the Market With Great Success

TORONTO, Dec. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The first-ever event-based dating app has hit the market with great success. Think Tinder + Eventbrite - by forging chatting, swiping and matching. Instead, the app is bringing people together at events that they post themselves. Users post an event on a map or browse nearby events posted by others, bringing social networking offline and into the real world.

Users post, accept and meet, making the experience easy and exciting. The company has invented the offer and counter-offer so that two people will have a chance to select when there's a mutual interest. Whether attending a party, throwing a concert or starting a sports team, in-person interactions bring greater connection and fun. Payments for events are made simple and done right through the app.

"Unlike other existing dating apps, we skip the chatting and matching step and offer dating scenarios directly, which raises the efficiency of the individuals' meeting," said Steven, founder of ISDOP. "Don't share the moment, make your moment in ISDOP, Don't browse happiness, join the happiness in ISDOP. It's not a slogan, It's what we do."

ISDOP is already getting a lot of great reviews and an average rating of 4.7 at the Canada Apple Store. One user noted, "Still at an early stage, but I can see it's potential. A good app to try!" Another said, "I think this app will change the future of social networking."

To learn more and start trying the app, visit or find the app in the AppStore.

About ISDOP, Inc.

ISDOP, Inc. is a mobile app and web development company based in Toronto, Canada, with the goal of connecting people more effectively and efficiently. The company developed the very first event-based social networking app - ISDOP. For more information, visit

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The first-ever event-based dating app has hit the market with great success.

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