LODI Platform That Nurtures K-Pop Talent, Builds Amazing Fandom Culture, and Improves Ticker Trading for the Performance

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- STAR EMPIRE, who has been at the forefront of nurturing and debuting talented individuals for the growth of K-Pop, is concentrating its core competencies on the development of the LODI Platform from its 20 years of know-how.

The STAR EMPIRE has been producing many K-Pop stars who represent Korea for 20 years, as can easily be seen from the fact that the chairman of Korea Management is led by the STAR EMPIRE. They fostered idols representing Korea such as 'ZE:A', '9muses' and 'Jewelry', and is currently expanding its market to the Japanese music market with 'Impact'. Also, the new girl group 'Ariaz' debuted last October. Like this, the STAR EMPIRE has a solid nurturing system that has grown K-Pop stars, and decided to open its own development platform all over the world in order to expand it into the global market without leaving it as the STAR EMPIRE's know-how. It is the LODI Platform that introduces the STAR EMPIRE's K-Pop star development to the world market.

Recently, a few K-Pop stars in Korea have made the wrong choice because of excessive malicious comments and bad aspects of fandom culture. This was the result of nurturing programs that focused solely on cultivating stars who sing well and dance well, and didn't make an effort to form a culture of building the amazing fandom. The STAR EMPIRE has prepared the LODI Platform, in order to overcome this sad reality and achieve the ultimate goal of forming a more advanced K-Pop culture in the future.

At the LODI Platform, anyone in the world dreams to become a K-Pop star, shows his/her talents to fans, and there is a meeting place between stars and fans who can step closer to their dreams through their encouragement and choice. K-Pop upcoming stars who were picked by fans and LODI partners, will have the opportunity to participate in the development program of the STAR EMPIRE. Of course, this nurturing program is not just about singers and dancers. It is a program designed to enable intensive training in various parts such as composition, arrangement, and writing. In addition, the opportunity to breathe closer to the star through active support such as their star and photos of their preliminary stars are provided to fans, so it is designed that fans don't need to take action to attract star's interest through malicious comments. These passionate activities motivate stars, upcoming stars and fans to be more active, and the result is a healthy and developing K-Pop culture.

It is expected that the LODI Platform is able to be a positive role in the booking of tickets for the performance. 'LODI', a token used on the LODI Platform, will be utilized to purchase tickets for K-Pop performance. If a user purchases a ticket using LODI Token, the user will not only get benefit from priority seat reservation but also use services to purchase K-Pop performance tickets anytime and anywhere without paying by cash or credit card, also the priority for selecting a seat is given to the user. In addition, the STAR EMPIRE is expanding its scope, so that LODI Token can be utilized in various ways, through cooperation with I-Cash, Indonesia's largest Fin-Tech business platform. To this end, the LODI Platform has not only concluded a business agreement with ABCC Fin-Tech, who is an operating entity for I-Cash, but also agreed to conclude a business agreement with Hakim, who leads the Indonesian financial sector.

The STAR EMPIRE has set the first commercialization target in Indonesia, the world's 5th largest population, to develop the LODI Platform into a global platform. Accordingly, with the start of the new year in 2020, the STAR EMPIRE will dispatch core people to Indonesia for speeding up the launch of the LODI Platform.

We are expecting that the LODI Platform, developed by the STAR EMPIRE with the time-honored tradition of star nurturing program to globalize their know-how, will be a channel connecting preliminary stars and fans around the world.

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