insoundz Partners With United Studios to Reinvent Audio Production and Create Next Generation Experiences

TEL AVIV, Israel and NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The global TV studio market is desperate for innovation. As giants such as Netflix, Amazon and Disney do battle in the streaming space, the increased demand for new ways to produce quality content while driving profit is driving this market insane. This multi-billion-dollar race to create engaging content affects all players, as they search for efficient, reliable, and innovative solutions to produce more quality content at a faster pace.

While video technology has made considerable progress in improving capabilities and reducing costs, audio production technology remains a pain area with no recent breakthroughs in audio capture. Manual and intrusive processes provide limited solutions that result in waste, high costs and inefficiency. A significant investment in technology and automation without adversely affecting audio quality is much needed. Moreover, updating audio capabilities allows broadcasters, production companies, and content creators to stay ahead in the innovation game and produce new content that wasn't possible before.

"It is crucial to simplify production process, unlock possibilities for future content platforms and enable viewing experience personalization" says Guy Etgar, the Co-Founder & CEO of insoundz, an Israeli startup with a mission to solve this problem. "insoundz's collaboration with United Studios, Israel's leading production company, spearheads this change, and is the gate to future work with all major broadcasters in US and Europe".

insoundz is developing AudioMind, an audio platform that captures each soundbite within a studio or any other space by isolating and enhancing the sound source into multiple virtual microphones. This patented technology eliminates the need for any microphone equipment on set and provides a superior audio experience in live and post production. The company has partnered with United Studios of Israel, Israel's leading television production and facilities company, to integrate insoundz's first fully automated audio production solution, in USI's studios.

"As a leader in the Israeli broadcast market, we always make sure to integrate the most cutting-edge technologies at our studios" says Yoav Peretz, United Studios of Israel's CEO. "Early on, we identified the disruptive potential of insoundz's technology. Automating audio production is the last step towards full automation. We believe this technology has the potential to become the standard for the global broadcast industry."

About insoundz

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel and New York, USA, insoundz is on a mission to reinvent how the media industry produces and uses audio to drive simplification, insights and next generation experiences. We believe a new era of broadcasting is about to take over.

About United Studios

United Studios of Israel is the biggest TV production and facilities company in Israel, owning and operating several content production arms as well as eight studios, O/B vans, and post production facilities. Owned by Taya Communications, a public company trading on the Israeli stock exchange, and by Spilman family, United Studios of Israel is an established company that has set the pace for video production and TV content for the last 70 years.

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