Glass Walls in Conference Rooms are Detrimental to Audio Conferencing

WASHINGTON, Feb. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Challenge:

Achieving exceptional audio quality in a giant glass "fishbowl" conference room.

Glass is a common design element in modern conference rooms, such as the Alliance for Automotive Innovation's headquarters in Washington, D.C. In order to host large meetings with their members and guests, this association of manufacturers commissioned sshape, the innovative Washington, D.C. architects, to redesign its conference center.

The redesigned room has two walls of floor-to-ceiling glass partitions and a third wall of windows, all making for an acoustically challenging space. Within the room all tables are moveable to allow for flexible meeting layouts.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation's highest priority was excellent audio. Avitecture presented a range of potential solutions and outlined pros and cons for each option and arranged for samples of microphones to be sent to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, because the visual esthetic of the finished system was critical.


Avitecture chose a Taiden wired audio delegate system. Each station was mounted flush to its table. All of the electronics and wiring were carefully secured to the underside of the folding tables to allow for hidden cabling between each table. Each delegate station serves two people and includes a microphone and a loudspeaker to enable everyone in the room to hear the speaker clearly as well as anyone else who calls into the meeting.

The primary display is a large projection screen allowing everyone in the room to view images and text easily. A Canon short-throw projector is placed so close to the projection screen that a presenter can walk in front of the screen and not block the projector light path.


Meetings and conferences in the Alliance for Automotive Innovation's glass boardroom now benefit from bright, sharp images and clear, well-defined sound. Avitecture has fully met this client's high expectations for functionality and quality expected for their conference center. Avitecture is now redesigning other major conference rooms in their D.C. headquarters.

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SOURCE Avitecture, Inc.