HostDime Breaks Ground on Tier IV Data Center in Colombia

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- HostDime, a pioneer in global data center infrastructure, broke ground last week on a brand new, built-to-suit data center facility in Bogotá, Colombia. HostDime is the owner and developer of the new data center facility.

In 2017, HostDime announced that they purchased the land on which the building is now being constructed. This parcel is located in a highly restricted access and perimeter enclosed industrial park in Tocancipá, North Bogotá. HostDime has been operating in Colombia since 2008 servicing an array of Colombia-based data center infrastructure products and services from a local partner's data center.

Customer requirements have driven HostDime's expansion in Colombia. This facility adds to their unique mix of data centers around the globe which are specifically designed to meet the demand for better localized data access.

The new 65,000 square foot building will be completely owned and operated by HostDime and will house HostDime Colombia's data center operations team, network engineers, build team, system administrators, and system engineers. Other non-technical teams will remain at the current HostDime Colombia office in central Bogotá. Staff will be on-site around-the-clock to serve the needs of current and future customers.

"Our vision from the early days to be a leader in the global data center industry continues to drive us to build these highly mission critical facilities in unique, global edge locations. The world is noticing that being on the edge of global locations is the next frontier. HostDime has been making these global investments for over a decade to best service our clients data center needs with a level of experience and trust that not many clients have in companies." - Manny Vivar, CEO & Founder of HostDime Global.

The new facility follows the iconic HostDime contemporary style of all the facilities it builds and designs. This style is a combination of distinguished HostDime design, mission critical infrastructure, and client-centric amenities ready to power the modern-day cloud. Certified by the Uptime Institute, it will be one of the only Tier IV data center facilities in Colombia ready to service mission critical loads. The 5-story facility will have 50,000 square feet of usable IT data center space. This white space will include full private suites, colocation cage space, private locking colocation racks, and an entire floor for cloud-based products. The data center can house 80,000+ physical servers and hardware appliances.

Client amenities include a client reception area, a colocation lounge for staging servers in a quiet atmosphere, and private dedicated warehouse storage space for an array of equipment storage needs. All the rooms will have fiber interconnecting them. Staff amenities include a full-size kitchen and refreshment station, a staff lounge, and a wellness center. The final expected price tag for the facility is $20M to $23M USD with 70% of that being construction costs. This will be one of the largest data center construction investments in Colombia.

The industrial park where the facility is located includes an entrance that is staffed 24/7 with armed guards who visually and physically inspect everyone entering the park. Armed officers, K-9 units, and automobile patrol will guard the perimeter. The surveillance will include 360 degree security cameras with live monitoring of the entire inside and outside of the facility. Biometric and facial recognition technology will be used for all staff and visitors accessing the facility. Man-trap doors will be used for access control to all the floors. A fire suppression system is equipped with environmentally friendly HFC-125 clean agent gas in the unlikely event of disaster.

The power infrastructure, as with all our facilities, was designed by our in-house engineering team lead by David Vivar and Miguel Torres. Dual distribution paths will provide power feeds to all racks and white space via A/B power sources by default, allowing high-density racks up to 10 KW per rack on demand. For complete redundancy, five 1.2MW generators will operate in production with one of the generators being on standby. Ten 800KW Uninterruptible Power Supplies will allow for any fault in the system and/or path to occur without affecting critical loads, thereby achieving Tier IV standards of 99.99% uptime. Hot and cold aisle containment will be preinstalled on all data halls with racks and available for setup to all other white space to properly and efficiently deliver the cooling necessary to support the power density designed for the space.

"We are very proud to offer the Colombian market a world class data center that allows us to meet the needs of our customers. HostDime brings a client-centric model that many strategic business partners in Colombia have realized. This has created a level of trust in us that we take serious and we will continue to deliver on" - Edwin Tello, CEO of HostDime Colombia and Latin America

The new HostDime facility will also feature A/B duality "meet me" and network rooms to ensure no points of failure. These rooms will also be the entry way to an array of fiber providers ready to pull in once the facility is finished. So far a commitment has been made by CenturyLink, Globnet, BT, and Internexa to pull nearby fiber into the facility, with many more to follow. This data center will be one of the most interconnected buildings in Colombia in the next few years and will be a main interconnection point for transit and peering. HostDime plans to use as many transit providers as possible to offer a blend of a highly redundant Layer 2 managed networks to deliver to any client within the facility.

The facility is expected to be completed in December of 2020 and commissioned for production in early 2021., Inc. is a global data center infrastructure provider offering an array of cloud products from bare metal servers to colocation services that cater to a range of clients, from entry to enterprise-level operations. owns and operates data centers in Florida, USA as well as Mexico and Brazil, with network facilities in Colombia, Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands., Inc. was founded in 2003 with currently over 350 global employees. Consistently ranked as one of the most reputable data center providers, HostDime's global network powers over 3,000,000 online applications for its 25,000+ active client base.