We are Polymer performance marketing agency launched by industry veteran Gary Reid

LONDON, Feb. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Gary Reid is returning to front line performance marketing as he launches London based 'We are Polymer'.

Reid has started the new agency to fill a gap created by London's biggest independent agencies who have recently taken funding to build digital first 'networks'. Reid says "rather than challenging the 'holding companies' the independents are trying to become them. This creates a problem, as some clients will be left behind when these new networks search for bigger and bigger clients to satisfy their plans."

Based on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, We are Polymer will help brands with ambitious growth plans scale up and take the next step with their digital marketing.

Industry veteran Reid has over 20 years' experience in digital marketing and has managed over £1bn of spend in the last decade, he helped build and sell one of the world's most successful, award winning independent agencies and is putting all of this experience together to build the agency of the future, as he says "we are probably the most experienced new agency in town, coupling our big agency experience with start-up focus".

Providing services across Google, Bing, Amazon and Facebook, covering both paid media (PPC) and organic (SEO) the agency offers a new approach "As the industry matures it brings with it new challenges for clients such as outdated models that no longer work, fixed service models and contracts, we believe these should flexible in both scope and time and offer total flexibility of contract" Reid said.

Technology is another target for We are Polymer. As the advertising space has matured Google has become the de-facto platform for agencies and clients, "the challenge here is that when all the industry relies on the same 3rd party tools clients lose competitive advantage and it becomes a race to the bottom. We are Polymer has taken a custom approach to this with a micro service platform where every analyst can build new scripts for their clients to create a truly unique platform for that client, it's like Excel for marketing."

But this isn't about automating everything. Reid says, "In the rush to satisfy the latest trend many agencies sell how automating every task will drive effectiveness and efficiency. It won't. We believe in automating the predictable & humanizing the exceptions."

We are Polymer are open for business with a human approach in a world of data, automation and AI.

About We are Polymer

We are Polymer is a London based digital performance marketing agency running activity across Google, Bing , Amazon and Facebook for the UK's most progressive brands. We are Polymer's culture is to pioneer new and better ways to drive growth in digital marketing, providing full transparency and custom technology to deliver competitive advantage. Combining game changing capability to give you flawless service with over £1bn of experience, We are Polymer connect together online data to drive your online acquisition.

SOURCE We Are Polymer Ltd