TEC Announces Partnership with TVC Communications

AUSTIN, Texas, March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC) leadership has announced a partnership with TVC Communications, the leading provider of broadband products, distribution and technical services in the US, Canada and CALA (Caribbean and Latin American) markets.

According to a 2019 FCC report, 80% of America's households lacking access to high-speed internet are located in rural areas. Much as electric cooperatives stepped in 80 years ago to provide power, they are taking the lead in providing these areas with what has become essential infrastructure.

"Our members' needs are our number one priority," said Johnny Andrews, chief operating officer of TEC Manufacturing & Distribution Services. "The partnership with TVC, with their extensive broadband capabilities, will provide our members with immediate expertise in the broadband market, as well as access to quality, cost-effective products and services."

TEC builds its partnerships around the idea of strengthening Texas cooperatives in an increasingly competitive market. "We are excited to work with TEC to strengthen broadband to its member areas," said Frank McCullough, SVP and GM for TVC Communications. "We offer everything needed for the complete project cycle. Our strong relationships with leading suppliers, specialized knowledge of the market, and deep understanding of applications and technology for launching broadband services, will expand capabilities to TEC members and make a real impact."

The agreement enables TEC and TVC to provide turnkey solutions to their members for broadband to the home, including technical, product, and emergency response support. Cooperatives will gain access to TVC's extensive product management and market experts for emerging technologies. Additionally, TEC will have staff dedicated to support the growing market of broadband for its members. Leveraging this partnership will allow TEC to offer a highly competitive value proposition of national scale across the membership.

About Texas Electric Cooperatives, Inc.: Serving our members since 1941, Texas Electric Cooperatives represents the interests of 75 electric cooperatives with more than three million members throughout the state. TEC serves its members by providing products and services that help sustain cooperative businesses in the 21st century and offers a full line of utility supplies and services through its Manufacturing & Distribution Services facility headquartered in Georgetown. For more information, visit www.texas-ec.org.

About TVC Communications: TVC is located in Annville, Pennsylvania. Established in 1952, today it operates as a leading provider of broadband products and services that maintains strategic relationships with top industry suppliers. It offers the widest range of quality, cost-effective products to help customers build, maintain, and expand their broadband networks as well as offering product management and market expertise. TVC Communications maintains 10 distribution centers across the US as well as a presence in Canada, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. For more information, visit www.tvcinc.com.

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