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The "Brunei Oil Gas Market Trends, Infrastructure, Companies, Outlook and Opportunities to 2028" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This report includes comprehensive data and analysis on the country's oil and gas trends, oil and gas projects, planned investments, competition and market developments to 2025. The study presents short term and long term trends shaping the future of Brunei oil and gas markets.

The report also presents reliable forecasts for the production and consumption of Brunei crude oil, natural gas, motor gasoline, diesel, Fuel oil, LPG along with Primary energy demand, economic growth, and population. Further, the plant-by-plant capacity outlook of refining (CDU, coking, FCC, HCC), oil and chemicals storage terminals, LNG liquefaction terminals/regasification terminals are provided to 2023.

The Brunei oil and gas market is undergoing a rapid transformation over the recent past. The country offers a strong growth outlook with significant new investment opportunities in the medium to long term future. In particular, domestic and foreign companies planning to expand their operations in the Brunei midstream and downstream oil and gas industry will witness new opportunities.

The analytical report details all major operational, planned and proposed oil and gas projects in Brunei. In addition, investment opportunities in the country's oil and gas sector are detailed. The study evaluates the country's energy infrastructure, market conditions, investment potential and competitive landscape of oil and gas upstream, LNG, storage, and downstream refining markets.

To assess the real prospects and restraints of expanding or operating in the Brunei oil and gas market are identified through detailed SWOT Analysis. Further, the country's oil and gas market is benchmarked against its peer markets in the region. It also highlights Brunei's market potential and project feasibility. In-depth data on exploration blocks, refineries, storage and LNG terminals along with required capital investments (CAPEX), current status, planned commencement dates, companies and organizations involved in planned projects are detailed.

The report scope includes:

  • The outlook of Supply and Demand of Oil, Gas, LPG, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Diesel, LNG, Primary Energy Demand, GDP, and Population to 2028
  • The outlook of project wise, company wise and country wise capacity of Refining (CDU, Coking, Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Hydrocracking), LNG (Liquefaction, Regasification), Storage to 2023
  • Analysis across Brunei oil and gas value chain- oil and gas fields, blocks, oil, products, chemicals storage, underground gas storage, refineries, LNG, and others
  • Strategic analysis review comprising SWOT Analysis, comparison with peer markets, drivers and restraints
  • Identifying potential investment projects with current status, owners, construction developments of planned refineries, new units, expansions and upgrades, exploration blocks on offer, LNG terminals, new storage facilities
  • Field wise production, 2012- 2019, exploration blocks on offer, bidding round information is included
  • Market structure and market share of leading five companies in each of the oil and gas segments are provided
  • Business profiles of three leading companies including their business operations, SWOT and financial details
  • Recent industry deals and news in Brunei oil and gas market

Key Topics Covered:

1. Brunei Oil and Gas Industry Snapshot, 2020

1.1 Introduction to Brunei Oil and Gas Markets

1.2 Brunei Macroeconomic and Demographic Outlook to 2028

1.3 Brunei Proven Reserves, 2009-2019

1.3.1 Brunei, Proven Crude Oil Reserves, 2009-2019

1.3.2 Brunei, Proven Natural Gas Reserves, 2009-2019

1.6 Brunei Primary Energy Demand Outlook, 2000-2030

1.7 Brunei Primary Energy Consumption Fuel Matrix, 2020

1.8 Brunei Licensing and Regulatory Authorities

2 Brunei Oil and Gas Market-Strategic Analysis Review

2.1 Short term and Long term trends shaping the future of Brunei oil and gas

2.2 Brunei oil and gas SWOT analysis

2.2.1 Key strengths

2.2.2 Key weaknesses

2.2.3 Potential opportunities

2.2.4 Potential threats

3 Brunei Oil and Gas Market-Investment opportunities

3.1 Brunei oil and gas Exploration and Production Industry Opportunities

3.1.1 Exploration Blocks on offer

3.1.2 Bidding rounds

3.2 Brunei Midstream Opportunities

3.2.1 Planned and proposed LNG terminals

3.2.2 Planned and proposed storage terminals

3.3 Brunei Downstream Opportunities

3.3.1 Planned and proposed Refineries

4 Future of Brunei Oil, Gas and refined Products Consumption to 2028

4.1 Brunei Crude Oil Demand Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

4.2 Brunei Natural Gas Demand Outlook, Bcm, 2008-to-2028

4.3 Brunei Motor Gasoline Demand Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

4.4 Brunei Gas/Diesel Oil Demand Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

4.5 Brunei Fuel Oil Demand Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

4.6 Brunei LPG Demand Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

5 Future of Brunei Oil, Gas and refined Products Production to 2028

5.1 Brunei Crude Oil Supply Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

5.2 Brunei Natural Gas Supply Outlook, Bcm, 2008-to-2028

5.3 Brunei Motor Gasoline Supply Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

5.4 Brunei Gas/Diesel Oil Supply Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

5.5 Brunei Fuel Oil Supply Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

5.6 Brunei LPG Supply Outlook, Kb/d, 2008-to-2028

6 Benchmark of Brunei with Regional Oil and Gas Markets

6.1 Overall Ranking of Markets, 2020

6.2 Demographic and Economic Index

6.3 Oil and Gas Supply Index

6.4 Oil and Gas Demand Index

6.5 Oil and Gas Infrastructure Index

6.6 Oil and Gas Growth Index

7 Brunei Oil and Gas Market Shares by company

7.1 Oil production by company, 2018

7.2 Gas Production by company, 2018

7.3 Net weighted Refining capacity by company, 2015-2023

7.4 Net weighted LNG capacity by company, 2015-2023

7.5 Net weighted capacity by company, 2015-2023

8 Brunei Oil and Gas Upstream Market Analysis

8.1 Brunei Field-by-Field Oil Production, 2012-2018

8.2 Brunei Field-by-Field Gas Production, 2012-2018

9 Brunei Refining Industry Outlook to 2023

9.1 Brunei Refining Capacity Outlook by Refinery, 2013-2023

9.2 Brunei Coking Unit Capacity by Refinery, 2013-2023

9.3 Brunei FCC Unit Capacity by Refinery, 2013-2023

9.4 Brunei Hydrocracking Unit Capacity by Refinery, 2013-2023

9.5 Commencement, location, company and capacity Details

9.6 Company-by-company Refining Capacity, 2013-2023

10 Brunei LNG Industry Outlook to 2023

10.1 Brunei LNG Capacity Outlook by terminal, 2013-2023

10.2 LNG Terminals under Operation and planned, 2020-2023

10.3 Brunei, LNG Capacity by Company, 2013-2023

10.4 Brunei LNG Capacity by Company, 2013-2023

11 Brunei Storage Market Outlook to 2023

11.1 Terminal Details

11.2 Brunei Storage Capacity Forecast, 2013-2023

11.3 Brunei Storage Capacity Forecast by Terminal, 2013-2023

11.4 Company wise Storage Capacity, 2020

12 Key Players In Brunei Oil and Gas Markets

13 Brunei Latest Oil and Gas News Analysis

14 Appendix

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