The Global Commercial Scrubbers and Sweepers Market to Generate Revenues of Around $6 Billion During the Period 2020 -2025 - Market Research by Arizton

CHICAGO, March 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Arizton's recent research report, Commercial Scrubbers and Sweepers Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2020-2025 is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% during the period 2019-2025.

Key Highlights Offered in the Report:

    1. Walk-behind scrubbers accounted for over 50% of the market share in 2019
       and is expected to continue dominating the commercial scrubbers market
       during the forecast period.
    2. Europe is likely to generate the highest revenue addition of around $575
       million during the forecast period.
    3. Contract cleaners form the largest end-user segment for commercial
       scrubbers and sweepers, with approximately 13% of the market share in
    4. The warehouse and distribution facilities accounted for the fastest
       growing segment for commercial scrubbers and sweepers, growing at a CAGR
       of around 8% during the forecast.
    5. The rising adoption of autonomous or robotic floor cleaning equipment is
       primarily driving the market growth.
    6. Battery-powered commercial scrubbers and sweepers in the North America
       market is expected to grow at the fastest rate at a CAGR of approximately
       7%, however, the demand for gas-powered scrubbers and sweepers is likely
       to decline.

Key Offerings:

    --  Market Size & Forecast by Revenue | 2019-2025
    --  Market Dynamics - Leading trends, growth drivers, restraints, and
        investment opportunities
    --  Market Segmentation - A detailed analysis by products, end-user, power
        sources, and geography
    --  Competitive Landscape - Profile of 5 key vendors and 23 other vendors

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Commercial Scrubbers and Sweepers Market - Segmentation

    --  Commercial floor sweepers and scrubbers are the most hygienic, superior,
        and multipurpose cleaning equipment available in the market. The
        scrubber segment is observing a high demand as scrubs remove dust,
        germs, oil, and grease from hard floors and offer highly efficient
        cleaning services.
    --  Electrical corded or plug-in power supply motors are used in small
        commercial cleaning equipment. They are ideal for cleaning small aisles
        and confined spaces. These machines are widely used in the hospitality
        industry. However, a key factor boosting the growth of these machines is
        cost-effectiveness and low maintenance.
    --  The use of proper commercial cleaning equipment can enable manufacturing
        facilities to reduce environmental pollution. Manufacturing facilities
        and equipment are large, heavy, and often produce a lot of dust, debris,
        and waste materials that require regular cleaning.

Market Segmentation by Product

    --  Scrubbers
        --  Walk-behind
        --  Ride-on
        --  Stand-on
    --  Sweepers
        --  Walk-behind
        --  Ride-on
        --  Stand-on
    --  Curtain Walls
        --  Single-disc
        --  Combination Machines

Market Segmentation by Power Sources

    --  Battery
    --  Electrical
    --  Others

Market Segmentation by End-users

    --  Contract Cleaners
    --  Food & Beverage
    --  Manufacturing
    --  Retail and Hospitality
    --  Transportation & Travel
    --  Warehouses & Distribution
    --  Healthcare
    --  Education
    --  Government
    --  Chemical and pharmaceutical
    --  Others

Commercial Scrubbers and Sweepers Market - Dynamics

The rapid technological advancements in recent years have led to the emergence of new technologies in the cleaning process. One such ground-breaking innovation in terms of professional cleaning equipment is the introduction of autonomous or robotic cleaning technology. Automation is being increasingly adopted in all sectors of life. The adoption of automation and robotic technologies can bring about significant changes in the overall cleaning industry. Labor cost accounts for approximately 95% of the cleaning cost and the use of robotics can greatly reduce the cost of cleaning. In 2016, Nilfisk, in collaboration with Carnegie Robotics LLC, introduced one of the most advanced robotic floor scrubbers, the Advance liberty A50 autonomous scrubber.

Key Drivers and Trends fueling Market Growth:

    --  Growing Demand for Green Cleaning Technologies
    --  Growing Inclination Towards Sustainability
    --  Growing Investments in Research & Development
    --  Growing Demand for Cleanliness in Hospitality is Driving Adoption

Commercial Scrubbers and Sweepers Market - Geography

The APAC commercial scrubbers and sweepers market is expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period, surpassing North America and Europe. In APAC, the growth is mainly driven by India, China, and Japan. The demand for professional floor cleaning accessories is supported by strong economic growth, increased construction activities, and high disposable income among the population. Moreover, stringent regulations related to the manufacturing sector and increasing hygiene awareness is driving the market. The manufacturing sector and warehouse facilities generated the highest revenue in the APAC region, accounting for approximately 50% of the market share in 2018. The growing development of industrial plants, expansion of manufacturing units, and increasing use of automation are the main drivers for the growth of commercial floor cleaning equipment, especially in China and India

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Market Segmentation by Geography

    --  Europe
        --  UK
        --  France
        --  Spain
        --  Italy
        --  Germany
    --  APAC
        --  China
        --  Japan
        --  India
        --  Australia
        --  South Korea
    --  North America
        --  US
        --  Canada
    --  Latin America
        --  Brazil
        --  Mexico
        --  Argentina
        --  Colombia
    --  MEA
        --  South Africa
        --  GCC

Major Vendors

    --  Nilfisk
    --  Tennant
    --  Alfred Karcher
    --  Hako Group
    --  Factory Cat

Other vendors include - Powr-Flite, Numatic International Ltd., Amano Corporation, Taski, Bucher Industries, IPC Solutions, Cleanfix, Industrial Cleaning Equipment Ltd., NSS Enterprises, Wetrok, Bortek Industries Inc., Comac SPA, Tornado Industries Inc., Fimap SPA, Hefei Gaomei Cleaning Equipment, Cimel, Gadlee, Guangdong Baiyun Cleaning Group, Pacific Floorcare, Eureka, Boss Cleaning Equipment, Hefter Cleantech, and Guangzhou Chaobao Cleaning Products.

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