Allergan and Bausch Health Identified as the Top Companies Driving Therapeutic Innovation in IBS

Morristown, N.J., March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In an ongoing series of research conducted by KMK Consulting, Inc. covering Innovation & Customer Value, Allergan and Bausch Health (backed by its Salix division) were ranked as the top companies best poised to deliver therapeutic innovation in the IBS market. The research was conducted in February 2020 among 250 gastroenterologists, using KMK's Rapid Pulse Survey platform.

Physicians cited "better biomarkers/microbiome research for the diagnosis of IBS" and "improved treatments to correct gut microbiota" as some of the key innovations they expect over the next couple of years in the management of this medical condition. Most physicians cited Salix/Bausch Health as being best positioned to meet these needs.

In terms of the most important brands currently on the market for IBS-D, Viberzi, and Xifaxan were each mentioned about 37% of the time, indicating there is not one brand that is favored in the management of IBS-D. For IBS-C, Linzess was cited as the most important brand by 37% of physicians, followed by Trulance (Synergy/Salix) at 24%, and Montegrity (Shire/Takeda) at 21%.

Physicians identified "clinical abstracts for new therapy options," "patient assistance programs to help patients gain product access," and "real world evidence that demonstrates product value," as the top three company support programs out of 18 studied in the research. Allergan was perceived as the top company delivering support across these three areas, particularly in its use of real world evidence, while Salix/Bausch Health and Takeda followed.

In terms of field force engagement, a similar trend followed as Allergan reps were perceived to deliver the greatest support across the activities that matter most, while Salix/Bausch Health and Takeda were a distant second. The majority of physicians cited "professionalism and being courteous to staff members," "sensitive to the physician's time constraints," and "possessing exceptional knowledge of the brand and competing products," as being most important sales rep attributes in this market out of the 18 studied in the research.

"One of the key challenges facing gastroenterologists in managing IBS patients is around patient education, and convincing patients that there is currently no cure, and helping them cope with the idea of living with this medical condition," noted James Charnetski, a Principal Consultant at KMK. "This ultimately presents an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies operating in this space to develop targeted patient education programs that raise the awareness of IBS and how they can best manage their symptoms throughout their treatment."

Additionally, the study evaluated the use of social media and websites. Over 40% of Gastroenterologists gave a positive rating and find social media and websites useful for discussing available IBS treatment options with their peers. Medscape was cited as the most utilized online resource, garnering 64% of the responses; WebMD, Doximity and YouTube and rounded out the most preferred online resources for sharing and discussing IBS therapies.

For questions or additional information on KMK's Innovation and Customer Value Study, please contact study developers James Charnetski or Greg Chu at (973) 536-0700.

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Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, KMK Consulting, Inc. provides commercial insights via Primary Market Research, Marketing Analytics and Sales Force Effectiveness, along with Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) for the pharmaceutical/biotech industries. Its recent 2020 Innovation and Customer Value Study using its Rapid Pulse Survey platform also covered asthma and IBS markets, targeting 250 pulmonologists and 250 gastroenterologists, respectively.


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