Qvinci Releases "What If" Predictive BI Tool to Help Accountants, Franchises, Diocese, Non-Profits & SMBs Make Better and More Timely Decisions in Volatile Economic Times

AUSTIN, Texas, March 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Qvinci® Software - has released yet another game-changing capability that allows users to:

    --  Create virtually an unlimited number of "What If" scenarios and
        forecasts to show the ongoing impact of the present COVID-19 crisis (or
        any other future crisis) on their business' income, expenses and cash
        positions over time.
    --  Easily manipulate the financials, immediately see the impact and make
        sound decisions from the results.
    --  Help your clients, franchisees, non-profits or business units better
        predict if/when additional funding may be required, or if/which costs
        need to be trimmed or cut well before the crisis impacts your bottom
        line and it's too late.

Below is but one example of the output, the important running cash balance. Click below for a working example of the entire tool.


The new "What If" Tool pulls last month's P&L and the total cash balance in the bank, then builds a 12-month forecast based on a default of continuing that kind of performance. Users have the flexibility to modify any line item(s) by month in the chart of accounts and the running income, expenses and cash balance will automatically show the impact.

The possibilities and opportunities are endless with Qvinci's entire suite of predictive BI Tools.

    --  Accountants: Imagine the consulting opportunities if you could walk your
        clients through their cash position, income and expenses over the next
        12 months and consult with them regularly on what to do to maintain or
        fix it!

-- Franchises: Imagine if you could sit down with each one of your franchisees and roadmap their current financial health and the path out of this current mess on a single or consolidated basis with regularly scheduled progress checks.

-- Dioceses, Non-profits and Other Multi-Units: Imagine the benefit of consistently knowing your cash position on a rolling 12-month basis and if/what you may need to trim or cut to maintain a certain desired cash position over time.


Like all Qvinci reports and BI Tools, the "What If" Tool auto-updates, auto-blends, auto-styles and auto-packages virtually instantaneously. Answers like cashflow above of profitability below with the click of a mouse!

Users make intelligent and timely adjustments to one or many accounts to establish an actual forward-looking 12-month roadmap, such that you immediately see your adjustments and their impact on the running cash balance and P&L performance for the next 12 months. What can be more relevant today!


According to Qvinci's Founder and CIO Charles Nagel, who invented and designed the new tool, "in these difficult times those advising, managing and running businesses or non-profits need the ability to timely and accurately define the necessary adjustments to cash, income and expenses that impact desired results and "What If" allows just that."

According to Qvinci's CEO Brad Adams, "the new "What If" Tool is but the latest innovative development that allows accountants, franchises, diocese, non-profits and SMBs to create immediate and impactful business intelligence for any number of clients or business units and deliver it timely, efficiently and repeatedly. In the time of the Coronavirus and its eventual economic aftermath, Qvinci is more relevant today than ever before!"

Qvinci Once Again Delivers! To introduce this game-changing technology, Qvinci has a live webinar scheduled for Wednesday April 1, 2020 at 12:00pm CT with its storied inventor, serial entrepreneur and renowned turnaround expert Charles Nagel, Founder and CIO of Qvinci. Email invitations will be sent out soon, but you can register early with the links below.

SOURCE Qvinci® Software