Ethos Labs Launches Telehealth Program

NEWPORT, Ky., April 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ethos Labs has launched a new service supporting telehealth with lab testing for clinicians across the US. With this initiative, Ethos is changing the laboratory testing paradigm by fully integrating with telehealth service platforms to provide lab testing that typically occurs at offices and institutions. Now, patients can provide samples from the safety, convenience, and security of their homes.

This presents a critical service to providers as they embrace new technology to facilitate healthcare for all Americans. More vulnerable populations such as older patients and those at high risk, can send urine samples without incurring additional risk leaving their homes. The company's new Pain Biomarker Assessment offered through telehealth is an industry first.

"Ethos' telehealth offering allows me to order essential laboratory services without patients having to leave their home. The Pain Biomarker Assessment gives me vital information on a patient's biochemical status and how it may be affecting a patient's pain. This information is extremely valuable in all clinical settings and will play a vital role in telehealth moving forward," stated Jason E. Pope, MD, Evolve Restorative Center.

This initiative raises the bar improving the lives of patients through cutting-edge testing and continuous innovation and services by Ethos Labs. The company uses the most advanced testing methodology and instrumentation in the industry. The Ethos Pain Biomarker Assessment is one example of how the company's continuous pursuit of innovation has helped the pain management community, including patients and physicians, by identifying common sources of pain. Ethos Laboratories is the only lab services company to offer both Advanced Adherence Assessment and Pain Biomarker Assessment with a single urine sample and a single requisition form.

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Representatives will be deployed as inquiries are received to describe program details and enroll providers.

About Ethos Laboratories

Ethos Laboratories is a clinical diagnostic laboratory located in Newport, Kentucky, dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering with pain, providing personalized diagnostic services through cutting-edge testing and continuous innovation. Turn-around is among the fastest in the industry, presenting a novel level of transparency, honesty, excellence, and integrity in the laboratory industry. The company focuses on providing excellent quality, service, and support for every customer, and the highest standards for accuracy and efficiency. The laboratory has created innovative tools, resources, and processes that have improved provider insight into sources of pain, increased understanding of medication compliance and management, and fuels the pursuit of continuous improvement.


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