Veccram Debuts Unique Multi-Functional App for Truck Drivers - Speedy Roadside Assistance and Convenient Free Driver GPS All in One Location

HOUSTON, April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Veccram ( recently announced the official launch of its proprietary roadside assistance and GPS app for truck drivers working in the continental U.S. With just a single download for Android or iPhone, Veccram offers free GPS and access to fully vetted roadside assistance companies, any day or time, covering some of the largest cities in the country. Created by a trucker for truckers, Veccram helps drivers keep their most important asset safe - their truck - and delivers peace of mind with the speed and convenience of a smartphone app.

"I've been a driver and diesel mechanic for many years," said Veccram President, Ronald Wilson. "So I can honestly say I know how frustrating it is to stand on the side of the road during a breakdown and wonder when help will come. Veccram has been in testing and development for a long time, because I wanted to make absolutely certain that it was perfect before we launched. And now it is. Veccram offers fast, real-time roadside assistance, 24/7 365, with absolutely no monthly membership fee. And we've included free GPS when you sign up, both as a convenience to our members, and as a big thank you for trusting Veccram with your truck's health. We know how important that truck is to your livelihood."

Veccram Roadside Assistance and GPS: For Truckers

Built and programmed for both semi and dually trucks, Veccram Roadside Assistance and GPS requires no Internet connection, and comes complete with lane assist and a built-in speed limit display. Using Veccram is easy:

    1. Drivers download the app to their smartphone, through either Google Play
       or the Apple App Store.
    2. In case of a breakdown or need for roadside assistance, drivers simply
       enable their current location to see the service providers located near
    3. Drivers can contact the nearest service provider of their choice,
       directly through the app. The provider will then send an estimated
       service-time based on the driver's specific service requirement.
    4. Drivers wait for assistance to arrive. And because the providers are
       local, total wait-time is guaranteed to be less than one hour - usually
       no more than 30 minutes. All providers are fully screened and vetted.
    5. After receiving mechanical services, drivers pay the provider. Payment
       can occur through the app, or in-person to the provider.

Veccram Roadside Assistance and GPS: For Diesel Truck Service Providers

Waiting around for customers is an outdated and frustrating business model that is no longer necessary in the digital age. Service providers that become part of the Veccram network gain access to a large body of potential customers, without having to spend a fortune on advertising fees. Veccram offers service providers a steady source of customers who arrive directly through the app. Providers need only sign up to become part of the network and can receive approval the same day.

    1. Providers accept service appointments during time-windows that they
    2. Veccram matches only drivers and providers within a half-hour radius of
       each other, always ensuring short travel times to service calls.
    3. Providers receive quick, hassle-free payment via Veccram's PayPal
       connection. No more waiting for checks or claims forms.
    4. Providers conveniently and safely grow their businesses while building
       their reputations. All by simply responding to calls through the app.

Veccram is constantly growing, and is already available in eight states and dozens of major cities, including Tampa, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and more.

About Veccram

Veccram is America's leading on-demand roadside assistance service for 18-wheelers. Veccram provides the fastest, safest and most innovative roadside assistance experience for drivers, while being a convenient source of new clients and income for service providers. Veccram also offers tow-truck services to passenger vehicles as well. And Veccram offers all of this without a subscription or membership fee. Learn more about how Veccram can help you stay on the road at:

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