CBD OF DENVER, INC. (CBDD) Corporate Updates

DENVER, April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CBD of Denver, Inc. (OTC: CBDD), a full-line CBD / Hemp oil company ("CBDD") that sells Black Pearl CBD / Hemp Products and the owner of CBD Social Network, today introduces our new team.

The new CEO Marcel R. Gamma has over three decades of financial and entrepreneurial experience and held senior executive positions with UBS, Hewlett Packard, Credit Suisse, Swiss Air Group and finally as Founder and Managing Partner of GAMMA, a very successful business development company.

Our new Secretary and Head of Product Development, Brent LaGrange, is a biomechanics specialist and biochemist with expertise in the formulation of CBD products and unique concepts of healing injuries and illness developed through education and research over the last 20 years.

We are excited to be part of the Swiss Industry Ventures, AG umbrella. SIV's goal is to acquire, grow and support cannabis and hemp companies with revenue streams of $1 - $5 million over the next twelve months. SIV seeks to capitalize on the huge need for raw biomass and distillate in Switzerland. CBDD is able to source products in USA at low prices not available in Switzerland or the EU. Switzerland also has a desperate need for our newest product, Black Pearl CBD Hand Sanitizer. Our first run of Hand Sanitizer is sold out and we expect to have more available next week. We will be offering a special price for our Hand Sanitizer on our ecommerce site, https://blackpearlcbd.com/.

CBD of Denver, Inc. is making Black Pearl CBD Immune Support available at a drastically reduced price. Typically, this high quality, full-spectrum 25% oil would sell between $200-$300. We have decided to offer our new product at the same price as most other 3.8-10% tinctures. Not only have we drastically reduced the price, but we are offering a free bottle of our Black Pearl CBD Hand Sanitizer with each purchase of Immune Support and free shipping to help you and your family stay healthy during these difficult and uncertain times.

We are also pleased to announce that the CBD Social Network is generating between 15-16,000 views per day and we are very excited about its future.

About CBDD
CBD of Denver is focused on the development of innovative CBD products and creating social networks for those interested in the benefits of CBD and interested in the CBD industry.

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