Thailand Board of Investment Approves New Incentives for Manufacturing of Medical Equipment

BANGKOK, April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the Thailand Board of Investment announced that it has approved new economic measures to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus.

In response to the virus outbreak, the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), has developed a series of incentives and measures to address the needs of companies operating in the medical device, medical equipment, and medical supply industry.

Businesses with products and services that are used in the fight against COVID-19, have been given extra resources to assist them as they scale their companies to meet the demands of the global pandemic. Companies modifying or transforming their production lines to increase the availability of medical supplies in Thailand, will also be eligible for the newly expanded series of economic incentives and measures.

"Thailand has a strong medical device and medical supply industry," said Vorawan Norasucha, Director of the New York office of the Thailand Board of Investment, "These newly expanded measures will enable medical supply companies to increase and modify production to meet the needs of Thailand's healthcare system as well as provide products for export to global markets in need of critical supplies."

The new measures include:

    --  In addition to a 3 to 8-year tax holiday, a reduction of 50 percent of
        corporate income tax for an additional 3 years will be given to
        qualified companies in the medical sector who apply between January 1
        and June 30, 2020, and begin production before December 31, 2020.

    --  An incentive to support the adjustment of existing production lines to
        manufacture medical devices or parts, by exempting import duties on
        machinery imported in 2020 and for companies submitting applications to
        adjust production lines before September 2020.

    --  Adjustments to benefits granted for the production of raw materials used
        in the manufacturing of medical products. Additional tax adjustments
        will be available to companies producing non-woven fabric used to
        manufacture medical masks or medical devices.

    --  Relaxation of investment conditions for companies impacted by the
        coronavirus, as well as application waivers for companies temporarily
        ceasing operations for more than two months.

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