Epion Health Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic with Free Software Platform

HOBOKEN, N.J., April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Epion Health, a leader in patient access and engagement solutions, responds to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering its PreVisit mobile check-in and patient messaging platform, along with its COVID-19 screening tool, for free to physician practices and health systems not currently using Epion's mobile platform. Embracing its corporate motto of "Taking the High Road in Healthcare," Epion is one of the few healthcare software companies providing access to new providers at no cost during this time of crisis.

"The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to build a telehealth program for our practices in a very short period of time," said Nicole Nelson, regional director of MGPS Revenue Cycle Site Operations at Mount Carmel Health System, a member of Trinity Health. "We were struggling with how to create a check-in experience that worked for patients and our staff. Epion stepped in and offered the PreVisit check-in solution. We implemented it in a matter of days! The Epion team totally delivered and was able to accommodate our accelerated timeline. This has been a game-changer for our telemed program."

Epion's updated PreVisit platform gives providers seamless remote triage, as patients can preregister from any device, provide essential information and be screened for coronavirus symptoms using the questionnaire provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Patient information is automatically captured and integrated in real time into the electronic health record, putting data exactly where it needs to go without re-entering data. Customized text messaging allows practices to message patients before telehealth and in-person visits, setting expectations and informing patients and families in the midst of the changing situation. This comes at a time when reducing in-person patient interactions, enhancing communications and streamlining workflows are critical to the health and safety of providers and the public.

"Our team has pivoted fast to optimize our patient engagement solution to address the immediate needs of the COVID-19 crisis," said Joe Blewitt, CEO of Epion Health. "Our clients are on the front lines of this pandemic. We're proud to partner with practices like Mount Carmel Health System during this evolving situation to remove barriers to safe healthcare delivery."

To learn more about Epion's COVID-19 support offer, visit https://info.epionhealth.com/previsitoffer2020. Providers will not be charged or asked for payment information upon registration.

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Epion Health is a leader in digital patient access and engagement solutions that empower providers to deliver high-quality care that's convenient, accessible and efficient. The Epion platform makes it easy to connect with patients any time, from anywhere and at all points along the care journey. Epion's agile, cloud-based platform also automates and integrates clinical data capture in real time into most EHRs, resulting in measurable improvements to practice success. For more information, visit www.epionhealth.com.

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