Mercatus Integrates SASB Standards to Streamline Material Financial and ESG Reporting Across Private Markets

Mercatus, the modern data platform for private market investors, announced they have fully integrated Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards to facilitate environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact analysis and value creation across the global private markets.

In a time of growing uncertainty in financial markets – due in part to COVID-19 – institutional investors are turning to ESG data to assess risk and identify improvement opportunities beyond the bottom line. These companies are leading the way to seeing the full picture of their investments and are using SASB as a framework to define which metrics are financially material.

“Mercatus has an incredibly comprehensive data platform to not only track ESG data, but to see it side-by-side with financial and operational data at a site and asset level,” said Jeff Cohen, Head of Private Investments Initiatives at SASB. “This will be a powerful solution for connecting financially material ESG impacts and traditional financial impacts to show the overall health of private investments.”

“ESG standards such as SASB and TCFD are becoming an expectation of a well-managed company—and at the heart of ESG value is good data,” said Haresh Patel, CEO of Mercatus. “But even beyond that, CEOs and CFOs are increasingly using financial materiality to mitigate risk and identify new opportunities. We want to be leading the pack in this effort, and we are aligned with the SASB framework in our commitment to making ESG reporting useful and seamless for investors across the globe.”

Our commitment with the Mercatus integration of SASB is to:

• Provide private market investors an easy way to upload and visualize their material financial, operational, and ESG risks across a diverse portfolio
• Shave time off the data collection process for reporting—enabling teams to focus on strategic sustainability initiatives
•Offer a reporting platform for LPs, GPs, and portfolio companies that communicates and aligns material ESG action plan utilizing the SASB standards
• Provide fund managers an automated starting point to begin collecting pre-configured ESG data across their organization and/or portfolio companies (leveraging technology purpose-built for private market investors)

About SASB

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Foundation is an independent, nonprofit standard-setting organization that develops and maintains robust reporting standards that enable businesses around the world to identify, manage, and communicate financially material sustainability information to investors. SASB standards are evidence-based, developed with broad market participation, and are designed to be cost-effective for companies and decision-useful for investors. To download any of the 77 industry-specific standards, or learn more about SASB, please visit

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About Mercatus

Mercatus is the modern data platform for private market investors. Our vision is total transparency across the entire investment lifecycle and investor ecosystem - from LP to GP to Portfolio Company and their underlying investments. Because the truth is in your data. Mercatus built the first data architecture to systematically harness and control data, workflows, and financial models to accelerate and scale growth, reduce operational risk, and achieve alpha. Many leading private market funds leverage Mercatus to manage over $590B of multi-asset investments globally. For more information on what makes our approach different, visit

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