GraphCMS Announces Major Product Updates to Its GraphQL Headless CMS, Amidst Changes to Its Market Positioning

BERLIN, April 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GraphCMS GmbH - the company behind GraphCMS, the first GraphQL native Headless CMS - announced their latest major product update and rebranding today. As modern companies refocus their direction in assembling Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) to deliver better customer experiences, GraphCMS aims to position itself as the go-to Headless CMS within this framework.

The latest release introduces a host of new key features - most notable of which are Polymorphic Relations (Union Types), Content Staging, and a new High Performance GraphQL Engine. This development enables editorial and development teams to accelerate their delivery of modern digital experiences across geographies and platforms.

"This move is aimed at empowering mid-to-large scale organizations to upgrade their tech stack to a Headless CMS with the richest feature-set and most robust GraphQL APIs in the market without worrying about overheads like security, infrastructure, flexibility, and scalability," says Michael Lukaszczyk, Co-Founder and CEO at GraphCMS.

The number of companies embracing an API-first DXP approach with GraphQL and Headless CMS are growing exponentially - with GraphCMS positioned to meet rising demands from organisations looking to build future-proof digital products and platforms.

"Over the past few months, we've seen tremendous reception from the market towards GraphCMS and GraphQL. With organisations like Unilever, Discovery, Prym, Shure, and Tchibo trusting us with their projects, we've also seen growth within our partner network across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, welcoming partners like Codecentric, Leviathan, and Divante into our partner ecosystem," adds Christopher Kuehn, Director of Business Development at GraphCMS.

Furthermore, GraphCMS have rebranded themselves to be better poised for up-market growth, focusing on enterprise readiness, a growing partner network, and vertical-specific solutions for industries like Fintech, Travel, and eCommerce, to name a few.

"We've received very positive indicators regarding the recent changes from our customers and users, that suggest we're on the right track to ensure GraphCMS further strengthens its positioning in the rapidly evolving Headless CMS and DXP space, as companies strive to deliver better customer experiences," adds Ronak Ganatra, Head of Growth at GraphCMS.

About GraphCMS

GraphCMS is the first native GraphQL Headless Content Management System (CMS), enabling teams across the world to rapidly build and deliver tomorrow's omnichannel digital experiences at scale.

Headquartered in Gießen and Berlin in Germany, it was designed for building a hosted GraphQL back-end that provides the tools needed for modern omni-channel content management and distribution. GraphCMS allows agile companies to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and minimise costs to bring cross-platform applications to the market faster.

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