This Friday: Wi-Fi NOW Special Event on 6 GHz Wi-Fi - Featuring FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

LYSTRUP, Denmark, April 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A paradigm shift in wireless connectivity is in the making: On Thursday April 23 the FCC will meet to sign into law new regulation for the US releasing 1.2 GHz of new spectrum to Wi-Fi and other unlicensed uses. The new spectrum allocation is the largest for Wi-Fi in twenty years will arguably impact the world of wireless connectivity for a generation or more.

To begin to understand how the Wi-Fi industry, consumers, and business all over the US can benefit from this very large new allocation of Wi-Fi frequencies, Wi-Fi NOW - the world's premier media and advisory organisation dedicated to the Wi-Fi industry - will conduct a Special Event (webinar) on April 24 at 1 pm EDT. The event will feature remarks and Q&A on the 6 GHz decision with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

The event will also cover the following topics: How 6 GHz will boost Wi-Fi performance with much higher speeds, capacities, lower latency, and vastly improved quality, a detailed presentation of the new 6 GHz rules adopted by the FCC, discussion and vision on how 6 GHz Wi-Fi will revolutionize connectivity in the home and enterprise, how indoor 6 GHz Wi-Fi will impact and support 5G services, understanding outdoor use cases for 6 GHz unlicensed (with AFC), details on 6 GHz Wi-Fi chipset solutions, the role of 6 GHz Wi-Fi for cablecos, and much more.

"In bringing 6 GHz Wi-Fi to the world the FCC has shown remarkable courage and has reinforced its global leadership. Wi-Fi in the 6 GHz band will create a huge surge in innovation in wireless and tech in general. We're extremely excited to be hosting this event on 6 GHz - and we hope our bringing together of the world's 6 GHz leaders will help accelerate this great new opportunity," says CEO of Wi-Fi NOW and host of the event, Claus Hetting.

Speakers include executives and subject matter experts from the FCC, the Wi-Fi Alliance, Charter Communications, Broadcom, Intel, Qualcomm, HPE/Aruba, CommScope, Cisco, ON Semiconductor, LitePoint, and Federated Wireless. Anyone is welcome to view the live stream of the Wi-Fi NOW Special Event. To view the live stream, go to this link on Friday April 24 at 1 pm EDT: To access the live stream, simply enter your personal details. The event will be recorded and made available for later viewing on the Wi-Fi NOW website.

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