Liquidity Capital Sees 30% Increase in Applications for Trajectory-based Funding During Coronavirus Crisis

NEW YORK, April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Liquidity Capital, the provider of unlimited unsecured, non-recourse, no dilution trajectory growth capital, has seen a ~30% increase in funding applications from prospective companies who have experienced unprecedented growth since the beginning of March. The companies are seeking Liquidity Capital's unique Trajectory-Based financing, which provides instant cashflow without the burden of acquiring any additional debt. The firm is currently in due-diligence stages with SaaS technology companies in sectors such as telehealth, logistics, wellness and ed-tech that are seeing major demand for their services.

"During the coronavirus crisis, unfortunately, a significant number of businesses have been severely affected and have seen demand for their services significantly drop. At the same time, though, several industries have seen a significant increase in demand and are looking for liquidity to be able to grow and service the opportunity for growth," said Ron Daniel, Liquidity Capital CEO and Co-Founder.

"Currently we have seen a substantial increase in applications for our unsecured, non-recourse, no dilution growth capital from a large number of promising strong growth-stage companies and hope to be able to support their rapid growth during the pandemic," said Guy Kurlandski, Liquidity Capital Managing Partner, NA.

Liquidity Capital's Trajectory-Based financing method is powered by machine learning algorithms and a proprietary data integration tool called, Liquidity Dynamics. Liquidity Dynamics is providing a new, data-driven approach to investing by harnessing verified historical data sets and industry recognized predictive methodologies. This means Liquidity Capital is able to invest smarter, while working side-by-side with startups, taking on all financial risk.

Liquidity Capital funds tech startups that demonstrate over $3M in ARR and 30% year-over- year growth, with an average ticket size of $10M-$30M. Founded by career entrepreneurs with offices in New York, Miami and Tel Aviv, Liquidity Capital is backed by Mitsubishi UFJ Fund Services and is part of Meitav Dash Ltd., the leading Israeli institutional investment house. Other notable investments made by Liquidity Capital include Infinidat, Resident, Le Tote, ezbob, and Sweet Inn.

About Liquidity Capital:

Liquidity Capital offers unlimited unsecured, non-recourse, no dilution growth capital funding to growth stage startups. Liquidity Capital's revenue-based financing model is designed to help fast-growing startup entrepreneurs succeed without giving up company equity. Developed by a group of tech entrepreneurs, mathematicians and a leading group of financial experts, Liquidity Capital was founded in 2017 by Ron Daniel, Oron Maymon, and Yaron Sela, and is backed by Meitav Dash Investments Ltd. and Mitsubishi UFJ Fund Services. Liquidity Capital is based in Tel Aviv with offices in New York City and Miami.

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